Information and content play the most significant role in the modern business world. To make well-informed decisions, managers need effective tools that to get relevant, reliable, up-to-date information in real time. Rapid development and introduction of new technologies, as well as the economic crises worldwide, forced the recognition that internal audit and risk management are an essential part of the management process, since they are designed to maintain the organization’s stability and profitability over time.

The market’s dynamism, regulatory changes, along with multiple local and global variables, make it necessary to develop economic and financial risk assessment methods and the ways to reduce them, in order to push the organization forward and provide the management with the necessary tools to lead the enterprise towards economic and business success.

RSM Israel’s Internal Audit and Risk Management Department is one of the largest in the country in these areas. The department’s staff is composed of internal auditors and employees engaged in a variety of other areas of expertise.

We provide consulting for boards of directors and management teams, and facilitate the implementation of risk management methods, as well as consulting in areas such as sustainability and implementation of corporate governance policies. We also provide support with regard to compliance with regulations such as SOX.

Our services are delivered to a wide variety of companies, including some of the Israeli market leaders –private and international companies from different sectors, such as the capital market, transportation, industry and trade, energy, real estate and construction, as well as nonprofits and government companies.

Following is a list of services that the department provides:

Risk Management

Internal Audit

Investigative Audit

Surveys to detect errors, embezzlement and fraud

Information Systems



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