Cyber and Security risk advisory services

How ready is your organization to weather and recover from a cyber-attack? Are your defenses fully aligned to protect your company against cyber threats?

Cybercrime is the cost of doing business in the information economy. While corporate expenditures on cyber security increase year over year, statistics show that cyber incidents – and their associated costs – continue to rise. 

RSM Israel’s Cyber & Security is a global leader in risk posture transformation helping executives prevail in constantly evolving and increasingly complicated security environment. 

Cyber security must be a key item on C-Level and Board of Directors’ agenda. Executives must recognize cyber defense as an integral part of their corporate governance, risk, and compliance practice. It is necessary that physical and cyber defenses are complementary to one another and that emergency contingencies are in place to minimize the fallout and to quickly recover from cyber incidents.With no full cyber protection guarantees, it is imperative that more resources are allocated, and attention given, to risk mitigation, crisis management, and recovery. 

RSM Israel’s cyber & security solutions and methods are based on a team with over 25 years of operational and managerial expertise as top cyber & security professionals on the front lines of the cyber war. Our practical knowhow and experiences allow us to deliver a range of integrated services that help executives assess, manage, and respond to incidents and crises in both the cyber and physical domains.

Our experience has taught us that cyber security technologies and software are only as effective as the people who operate them and the protocols that govern them. If the processes and methods are weak, the security posture of the organization will never meet its full potential and will likely degrade over time.

Our extensive experience in repelling sophisticated attacks on complex organizations and businesses allow us to maximize the benefits organizations can get out of their cyber & security technologies.


RSM Cyber & Security’s Auditing, Vulnerability & Threat Assessment offers a multifaceted process that will help your organization identify technical and procedural vulnerabilities. The assessment identifies critical systems and infrastructures, evaluates their vulnerabilities, and measures the likely impact on the organization in a scenario where these critical systems and infrastructure are compromised.

Our services allow a company to define the level of risk it is willing to take in connection with its shareholders strategy and business aims.

Our Risk Mitigation Solutions Include:

  • Identify critical systems and infrastructures and their vulnerabilities against the current threat environment
  • Close immediate vulnerabilities
  • Organizational SWOT
  • Gap analysis of existing capabilities against the threat environment
  • Identify and eliminate redundant or obsolete cyber technologies and procedures
  • Compliance assurance
  • Remediation strategy
  • Training & certification
  • Incident respond team & procedures
  • Employee vetting
  • OSINT services


RSM Israel’s Cyber & Security specializes in developing crisis management strategies to fit your organization’s specific needs. Our crisis management plan will provides all levels of the organization with a play book of what to do, and, more important, what not to do in the event of cyber incident. In addition to mapping out all the processes, protocols, and procedures that need to be followed, our crisis management solutions will:

  • Incident responds team – handle cyber events in real time both locally and remotely. Our cyber emergency respond team provides professional support and can augment existing capabilities. The team is composed of control and operation engineers and can solve complex cyber issues.

  • Containment and remediation plan – our experienced forensics team combines the best of law enforcement, national security, and private product suppliers. We use a proven methodology in our investigation to ensure successful data recovery, establish a timeline for the event, and document all transactions on the file system and networks, among others. All data is used to contain the ongoing event as well as to enhance future protection.
  • Organizational and system mangers’ training and operational readiness – While the human factor is the most valuable factor in your organization’s cyber defense, it is also its “weakest link.” We provide realistic organizational exercises in unique training arena that mimics your organization’s organic environment. Our training allows you to measure the effectiveness of your cyber team, protocols, and procedures. Our training solutions provide industry specific scenarios and exercise the trainees as a team.


The quicker your organization can get “back-to-normal” following a cyber-event, the lesser the financial, operational, and reputational damage your organization will sustain.

Quick recovery depends in large part the resiliency and readiness achieved through strong mitigation activities and an innovative crisis management strategy.

RSM Cyber & Security Risk Management team working together with your organization’s governance, risk, and compliance officers will assure the highest cyber & security standards.

We provides the following services:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence monitoring 
  • IT audit services 
  • Cyber Risk assessments 
  • Penetration tests
  • Tailor made cyber & security strategic plan
  • Wide range of technologies and products which protect your clients' data base  
  • Preparing services for the GDPR regulation
  • Business intelligence services - helps organizations to generate new business opportunities and to strength current business positioning. business intelligence also help organizations to make better decisions, it helps to analyze the competition and to identify organization advantages and differentiation and also to design better go to market strategy. 

RSM cyber & security can help you protect your assets, your reputation and your organization’s sustainability!

The responsibility of C-level managers to prevent Cyber-attacks and how to reduce Cyber Security threats - a webinar to the ACCA members

7 December 2020
On  the 19th  of November  RSM Israel  and RSM Poland jointly lectured in a webinar to the ACCA members. (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) The webinar issued the responsibility of C-level managers to prevent Cyber-attacks and how to reduce Cyber Security threats.

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