Cyberattacks are the price we pay for running a business in the age of information economy. In recent years, the business world has been characterized by high volatility that stems from global economic changes and accelerated technological development. APIs and interfaces, new and existing cloud environments, automation and other technologies – all may increase the risk of your organization being attacked.

Globalization has brought along multiple business opportunities, while increasing the level of risks involved in any business activity. Technological development, as beneficial as it may be, can damage the set of organizational procedures and control processes, and as the use of technology to obtain financial and business information increases, the chance of cyberattacks increases as well.

A cyberattack may damage an organization across all aspects, disrupt its stability internally and externally, and lead to mistrust between the management and employees, and between the organization and its customers. It may damage the company’s assets, harm its reputation and continuity over time.

The Consulting, Information Systems Audit, Cybersecurity and Regulation Department of RSM Israel helps organizations to establish their security strategy and build resilience and business continuity over time.

We provide the following services:

Consulting Services

Building an information systems strategy.

Supporting the implementation of ERP and BI systems, consolidation of financial reports, etc.

Data recovery consulting.

Providing advice on customization of information systems in accordance with regulations and legal provisions, such as bookkeeping instructions, SSPA, SSAE16, etc.

Process streamlining and performance improvement via information systems.


Data conversion integrity and accuracy reviews.

Information Technology General Controls (ITGC).

Data analysis via digital tools such as ACL.

Audit and opinion for information systems’ customization: bookkeeping management instructions, SSPA, SSAE16, etc.

Embezzlement and fraud surveys, prevention and detection with an emphasis on information systems.

Information and cyber security

Consulting and checking access permissions, including separation of duties, conflicts, etc.

Cybersecurity surveys.

Penetration tests.

Employee training, workshops and awareness raising.

Technology solutions-related consulting.


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