The Economic Department of RSM Israel specializes in economic, financial and business consulting for companies and organizations.

Our team of experts carries out a wide range of economic and financial tasks, assists and advises in areas of business thinking and guidance.

The office is connected with senior professionals in areas of economics, finance and accounting.

The department’s vision is to serve as trusted advisors for companies and organizations, and to identify the best business opportunities for them.

RSM Israel’s Economic and Business Consulting Department works in cooperation with expert consultants of RSM Global in approximately 830 offices based in 120 countries worldwide.  The department’s services: 

Expert opinion

The heads of the firm’s Economic Department are extensively experienced in providing expert opinions as part of court proceedings, arbitration and mediation processes.

Investigative audit

The Economic Department specializes in conducting investigative audits, such as:

Investigative audit as part of legal proceedings.

Investigative audit aimed to review possible embezzlement and financial fraud in companies.

Investigative audit aimed to identify economic and accounting loopholes, and provide recommendations on how to prevent them.

Economic and business support and consulting

The Economic Department provides business support and business consulting services to the government and private sectors.

Among our services:

Support for a government agency as part of large-scale economic projects.

Support for businesses as part of the intergenerational transfer procedure.

Economic, financial and accounting support for businesses as part of growth processes.

Building costing, budget and flow for businesses.

Implementation of financial information systems at the place of business, including tailored management reports.

Financial control and management

The firm’s Economic Department provides accounting and financial management services to various businesses.

Support and supervision for purchasing groups

The firm’s Economic Department supports and provides financial and accounting supervision services with regard to real estate projects with an emphasis on purchasing groups.

Among our services:

End-to-end project accounting management.

Project’s bank account opening.

Reviewing demands for payment and approving vendor payments.

Fundraising for the project.

Periodic reports upon request.

Supporting projects until completion and producing individual reports for each buyer.

Company valuations

The Economic Department performs valuations for a wide range of needs: business acquisition, attracting a potential investor, conflicts between shareholders, accounting reporting, legal and taxation needs, etc.

Financial Due Diligence

The Economic Department conducts due diligence for various needs, such as business acquisition, mergers and more.

Business plan writing

M&A transaction support

Understanding the company’s business activity.

Identifying client needs (investor/sale/fundraising and more).

Preparing a company for sales from an accounting and financial perspective, including a business plan and valuation.

Providing support with a goal to identify suitable investors according to the client’s needs.

Supporting negotiations until the deal is closed.


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