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The outsourcer must be much more and much better than a good in-house finance department. It must be the structure that quietly operates daily for the benefit of its client, always ready to support them and provide them with the data they need to improve cash flows and make the right business decisions. A partner is not just a supplier, but also an entity equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and databases, with in-house specialized personnel who are always trained in the various aspects of the administrative-accounting chain, and who clearly and promptly communicate legislative news to its client, thus predictively seeking to stem threats and seize opportunities. 

The administrative fulfilments placed on companies are different in each country, as are the bodies to which companies must relate, the technical ways in which the fulfilments must be carried out and the penalties for non-compliance. In Italy these fulfillments are particularly complex, as well as numerous, and their management requires the use of special software.

RSM Studio Tributario e Societario department staff have developed specific professional skills in this area and are able to provide the following services:

  • obtaining tax code
  • notification of commencement of business
  • keeping and updating of company books
  • managing the process aimed at obtaining smart cards / spid / digital signatures for directors
  • preparation of corporate minutes, both of shareholders' meetings and board of directors' meetings (in both Italian and English)
  • transmission of minutes and related notices to the Companies Register and the Tax Authorities
  • appointment of attorneys and communication of related powers
  • filing of financial statements and other corporate documents