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The negotiated settlement of business crisis and the new role of independent experts

8 March 2022
The negotiated settlement of business crisis provided for by the Italian Decree Law 118/2021 introduces into our legal system a new instrument that differs from the range of bankruptcy procedures because it is usually applied during the crisis at a time when the turnaround and continuation of the business activity, directly or indirectly, are still possible.

Tax credit and outright grants in favor of companies in tourist industry – Updates after Ministry of Tourism provision

23 February 2022
Content of the new provision The Ministry of Tourism, with the provision 23/12/2021 has clarified several aspect of the benefits to companies in tourism industry, about eligible costs and timing of the procedure. Beneficiaries All companies in tourism industry and in particular:

COVID-19 | Urgent measures for business, strategic sectors and justice

7 April 2020
Further to President Giuseppe Conte and Minister of Economy and Finance Roberto Gualtieri proposal, the Council of Ministers has approved a Decree Law introducing urgent measures regarding access to credit and deferral of obligations for businesses, as well as special powers in legal and strategically important sectors.

COVID-19 | COVID-19 Global Tax Policy Measures

1 April 2020
The COVID-19 crisis is causing governments around the world to rapidly respond in order to provide economic relief to businesses and individuals. On a daily basis, global policy changes are being proposed and enacted related to extending filing deadlines and providing tax cuts and incentives.

COVID-19 | Art. 56 Law Decree 18/2020: measures for the financial support to companies affected by the spread

28 March 2020
Law decree 18/2020, in order to cope with the crisis that Italian companies are facing due to the spread of the COVID-19, has provided in art. 56 for financial support measures in favour of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

COVID-19 | Decree Law issued on March 25th, 2020: Amendment of the list of eligible activities provided in Annex 1 to the Prime Ministerial Decree issued on March 22nd , 2020

27 March 2020
On March 25th, 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development introduced some amendments to Annex 1 to the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 22, 2020 which enter into force immediately.

COVID-19 | Prime Ministerial Decree of March 22, 2020: Further restrictions to business activities, in addition to the initial provisions set in Law Decree dated February 23, 2020, n. 6

22 March 2020
It has been published in the Official Gazette (OG General Series n.76 of 22-03-2020) the new decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (DPCM) which aims to tighten the restrictions introduced with previous legislative and regulatory interventions by providing for new measures, applicable to the whole national territory, regarding the containment and manag

COVID-19 | DL 18/2020: social safety nets and other emergency measures to support labor

20 March 2020
On March 17, 2020, the Italian Government has issued Law Decree no. 18\2020 (the "Decree") concerning "measures to strengthen the national health service and provide economic support for families, workers and businesses related to the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19".

News on Patent Box: The Growth Decree Makes easier the Access to the Regime of Patent Box

10 May 2019
Starting from this year, a simpler procedure for the quantification of the portion of the eligible income is planned.

Tax News - 07-08/2017

16 September 2017
TABLE OF CONTENTS   FOCUS ON TAX AND ACCOUNTING TOPICS New Decree on Split Payment Criminal consequences for the repeated refusal to show accounting records New limits on tax offsetting Tax deadlines  

Tax News - 03/2017

18 April 2017
TABLE OF CONTENTS   FOCUS ON TAX AND ACCOUNTING TOPICS The "Super" and "Hyper" amortizations analyzed from a tax point of view Entry into force of the favorable tax regime for foreign high net worth individuals

Tax News - 02/2017

7 March 2017
TABLE OF CONTENTS   FOCUS ON TAX AND ACCOUNTING TOPICS Tax news of the Decree Law “Milleproroghe” Green light to the checks on “fictitious” foreign residences   Validity of the intra-Community transactions without registration with the VIES

Tax News - 01/2017

9 February 2017
TABLE OF CONTENTS   FOCUS ON TAX AND ACCOUNTING TOPICS The automatic exchange of tax information is increasingly “global” “Rich” business cash + high bank debt = assessment! FOCUS ON EMPLOYMENT TOPICS (IN COLLABORATION WITH DE LUCA & PARTNERS AND HR CAPITAL IN MILAN)  

Tax News - 12/2016

11 January 2017
TABLE OF CONTENTS   FOCUS ON TAX AND ACCOUNTING TOPICS Green light to the new edition of Voluntary Disclosure Final approval of the new accounting standards      Year-end Tax News   FOCUS ON EMPLOYMENT TOPICS (IN COLLABORATION WITH DE LUCA & PARTNERS AND HR CAPITAL IN MILAN)  


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