Our legal team professionals combine an excellent technical expertise with a vast knowledge of the company’s business and a focus on results. 

Throughout the life of a company, there may be a need or an opportunity to pursue strategic objectives through operations that directly impact the structure of the companies involved. 

The assistance of competent professionals who are able to meet the needs of the client, to understand the most appropriate and effective strategies for implementing the business vision, ensuring efficiency and compliance with the agreed deadlines, always in the context of very highquality standards is essential for ensuring that the final result meets the highest levels of satisfaction. 

RSM Studio Tributario e Societario relies on the consolidatedexperience of a team of lawyers with highly qualified skills able to support buyers, sellers and investment funds in all the phases of the deal: from preliminary contracts to the finalization of the transaction, from investment agreements or framework agreements, to shareholders’agreements and sale and purchase agreements (SPA). 

The legal team of RSM Studio Tributario e Societario makes its multidisciplinary and organic approach its point of strength, offering advice not only on the strictly corporate and civil profiles of the operation, but also on all the other key aspects that may emerge in such transactions: IP issues, relationships with banks, real estate, labor law, regulatory and antitrust implications. 

As for the management of the relationship with the client, the legal team ensures constant support, through a dynamic, flexible and reactive organization of work and with an attentive eye on the tight deadlines that must be observed, in order to maximize the existing opportunities. 

The firm offers consulting services in respect of all the possible M&A declinations: acquisitions, mergers, demergers, liquidations, disposals, business leases, etc. Assistance is provided throughout the entire value-chain of the deal:

  • legal due diligence on the multiple opportunity and risk profiles of the target company
  • evaluation of competitive profiles and reporting to the Antitrust Authority
  • legal assistance in negotiations, in drafting and reviewing any agreement preliminary and ancillary to the operation • negotiations with banks 
  • joint-venture agreements
  • advisory activities and preparation of governance structures
  • opinion-forming activities and support for the activities of directors and statutory auditors
  • preparation of articles of association, deeds of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, minutes of shareholders and of the Board of Directors’meetings
  • drafting and verification of powers of attorney
  • legal and corporate assistance in the context of operations on company capital