Safeguard your business from phishing attacks

Phishing has been in existence almost as long as the email function itself. An unskilled hacker can easily trick you into submitting your credentials to a malicious site through an email that appears to be from a reputable source.

But as technology advances, so do the skills of hackers. No longer satisfied with preying on small fish, hackers are now engaging in sophisticated tactics targeting businesses and discovering vulnerabilities. This is becoming especially common amongst the C-suite in attacks known as ‘spear-phishing’ and ‘whaling’. The reason is simple; CEOs and CFOs who may fall foul of these attacks offer top-down access to all business operations.

Phishing is big business for cyber criminals – so what can organisations do to protect their organisation?

Dr John Abela, Co-Founder, CTO and COO of Ascent Software will be joining RSM’s Sheila Pancholi, Partner and Lead UK Technology Risk Assurance practice to discuss the various phishing tactics hackers are using and how businesses can fortify security measures, implement processes and take practical steps to mitigate risk and minimise the impact of these kinds of cyberattacks.