5 Reasons Why Your Job Application Isn't Being Noticed by Recruiters

There are many times when we submit our application for an employment vacancy and the position / roles seem to align perfectly with what we did in our current or previous job, however we still don't receive any feedback from recruiters- not even for a first interview.

If this is a reoccurring scenario for you, these are the 5 possible reasons why your applications are not being noticed by recruiters:

  1. You are not referencing the vacancy name you are applying for in the subject line of your submission email.

It is necessary for candidates to keep in mind that almost always, the company that is recruiting has several recruitment processes taking place at the same time and that they can receive more than 100 candidates for each process. This means that the candidate who will be selected for an interview likely put the vacancy reference in the subject-line of the application email. Accordingly, it is necessary to read the advertisement very carefully so that as a candidate, you are proceeding in accordance with what is expected. The same thing happens with unsolicited applications; always indicate the area or department where you would like to work due to your vocation, training or experience. This small act will improve your chances of being selected for an interview.

  1. You do not write a summary of your profile to show why you are the ideal person to occupy that position.

It can be advantageous to put a brief summary of your profile in the body of your email. Remember to highlight the key points that align with the requirements of the vacancy for which you are applying so that the recruiter can see that you are an ideal candidate within a few lines. A well-written summary of just one or two paragraphs is enough, as no one likes to read long and tiring texts (i.e. get straight to the point).

  1. You are sending your application on the last day before the deadline that was established for submission.

When you submit your application within the final days of the vacancy’s publication, you can be creating a disadvantage for your candidacy because the attention that the recruiter gives to the final candidates will not be the same as what is given to the first candidates, especially when the recruiter is receiving hundreds of CVs. Also, it may be the case that the recruiter selects a good number of CVs within the first few days and no longer sees the need to continue to select candidates for interviews within the last few days.

  1. You do not send the required documents as requested in the advertisement.

It is necessary to read the job post very carefully in order to avoid the mistake of failing to submit all the requested documents. For some recruiters, failure to submit the required documents can be a preliminary elimination factor.

  1. You send your application email without the required attachments.

Amazingly, this is something that happens often. Some candidates even forget to attach necessary documents when they send their application and don't even realize it. Others realize their mistake and immediately send another email with the required attachments, however this can reveal a lack of attention or interest to recruiters.


Sheila Silva
Executive Assistant & Marketing Manager


Sheila Silva
Executive Assistant & Marketing Manager

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