Brand Protection in Mozambique

Industrial Property is the set of rights that include trade and service marks, invention patents, utility models, industrial designs and models, names and insignia of establishments, logos, geographical indications, designations of origin and rewards .

To guarantee the protection of Industrial Property rights, you must register with the Institute of Industrial Property or in any other country with extension to Mozambique (international registration). Thus, proof of industrial property rights will be through the titles corresponding to the different categories of Industrial Property.

In Mozambique and in the world, the Brand is one of the industrial property rights that can easily be something of fraudulent imitations. A trademark is the visible and/or audible distinctive sign, which can be graphically represented, allowing it to be distinguished from other products or services of a company from others, consisting in particular of words, including people's names, drawings, letters, numbers, sounds, shape of the product or its packaging. After registration, the owner of the registered trademark enjoys the right to protection, preventing the use of identical or similar signs of the products and services likely to confuse their users. This exclusive use right is valid for 10 renewable years.



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