Internal Control


  • Understanding of the Internal Control System

  • Review of the Internal Control Manuals

  • Design and Implementation Test 

  • Test of Operational Effectiveness

  • Survey of Internal Control system deficiencies and risks

  • Proposal for best practices of the Internal Control System



  • Expertise in IFRS and Local GAAPs (PGC)

  • Professionals with Complementary Background

  • Diversified Sector Experience

  • Risk Awareness

  • Tax Overview


RSM Practice

  • Relationship Audit & Business

  • Global Network with Integrated Solutions (Inter-Office)

  • Techniques and Advanced Tools

  • Rigorous Analysis and Competence in Results


And most of all…Client Care

  • Adapted teams to Customer Complexity

  • Partnership of Direct Monitoring

  • Communications/Reporting to Management

  • Conclusions of the Working Audit Review

  • Continuous Business Improvement

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