Our consulting specialists are trained to help your organization achieve its goals – no matter how ambitious or specific. We call upon our extensive financial and operational knowledge to provide a world-class consulting service to our clients. From short-term accounting support to longer-term business planning, RSM Oman will get you there. 

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Our professional consulting service is centred around collaboration. We’ll listen to the concerns you have as a company and by working in partnership with your internal teams, make recommendations and create new strategies that are bespoke for your organization. Each time, these are designed purely to protect you – and pave the way for growth and success in the years to come.

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We bring extensive knowledge and experience to all our clients. No matter if you're based in Oman or are a branch of a multinational organization, we can help with your planning.

Our team is backed up by a global network of professional experts. And, together, we can ensure that nothing is left to chance in mapping out a successful future for your company. Contact us today to find out more.

RSM Oman’s business consulting services 

How can RSM help your business? Our consulting specialists are skilled in a range of critical disciplines that can shape your future. Applying our proficiencies, drawing on our experience, and leveraging our global network ensures we deliver a world-class service. Here is what we can offer:

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be advantageous, by allowing access to funds from a vast pool of investors or fostering greater trust from society. You could also find talented individuals and a stronger management structure. 

Our consulting specialists provide extensive support to our clients. We understand that during the preparatory audit stage, the process can involve years of changing regulations, internal control systems and management structures. 

We have years of experience handling IPOs for venture companies, so our team of experts can provide a wealth of valuable guidance. It includes business plan support or IPO application advice – as well as the formulation of internal controls and capital policies.

Our internal control system support services can help you and your management to select the scope of system valuations as a starting point. This ensures an effective company-wide control system. 

With our experience in providing ongoing consulting services and audit capabilities, we can provide end-to-end valuable support for that process. And we can assist in both designing and auditing the internal controls you employ, which allows us to identify key areas to target.

The accounting system is becoming increasingly complex due to constant shifts in the landscape. In light of this, we provide comprehensive accounting support to help companies adapt and move with the times. The benefit is that we can supplement your management framework, as well as offer extra training if needed.

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