Businesses have complex transactions to see through, often with many factors and tensions to overcome in the process. 

Whether you are making an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital, or releasing funds through a sale or restructuring, you need experts onside to guide you through the process. 

Omani and international organizations rely on RSM’s corporate finance and business transaction support services to ensure they get the most from the moves they make. We’re here to guide you from the evaluation to completion – it’s what we do best.

How can RSM’s transaction services help you?

With RSM Oman, you’re in safe hands. Our expert team have combined market and sector knowledge, as well as specialist technical experience. What’s more, with a global network of over 860 offices, we’re more than equipped to help on both a local and international level. We have a wealth of experience and we will never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we create a bespoke corporate finance service to match your needs. 

Some of the transaction support services we provide are:

Our business valuation services get used for a variety of reasons, but usually for acquisitions and sales. We draw upon our expert data analysis and depth of experience to determine the true worth of a company.

Before you enter into a contract, our specialist team can provide a full business investigation to help you make any big decisions.

Getting specialist support is important, especially when forming alliances and making investments. RSM offers expert, high-quality, independent advice across all our business plan services. 

If you’re considering releasing funds, our specialists can help you evaluate the best course of action. Whatever stage your business is at, we’ll work with you to offer guidance when you need it most. 

We look at your business goals and finances, making recommendations on managing the transactional process. We look out for you, so our detailed analysis will ensure your organization is in the best position possible.

Trust in business transaction support from RSM

 RSM Oman can provide tailored transaction services to take your company from strength to strength. By drawing upon our bank of local and international experts, you know you’re getting a world-class service. To see how our professional team can help support your business transactions, contact us today.

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