Organizations can face an array of legal challenges and resolving them can often be a complex process. Understanding the procedures behind these obligations is half the battle. So, having experts on hand who can provide a comprehensive knowledge of corporate law is undeniably advantageous. RSM Oman offers trusted legal advisory services that’ll guide you every step of the way. Contact our experts to find out more.

Why trust our legal advice specialists?

At RSM Oman, our corporate law services are based on the foundations of strict professionalism, adherence to standards, understanding of legislation, and a tailored, individual approach for every client.

We’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of the legal landscapes in an array of industries. However, what really sets us apart is our collaborative legal advisory network. We have over 800 offices in 200 jurisdictions across the globe, meaning we can call upon the very best to offer a world-class service. 

Our legal advisory services include due diligence, litigation support, tax auditing, intellectual property and more. We can adapt our approach to suit your requirements. What’s more, we can provide services on a permanent or project-specific basis, so you get a bespoke plan.

What are RSM Oman’s legal advisory services?

Corporate legal advice makes sure your activities meet legal obligations and are conducted in a secure, professional manner when raising capital and acquiring new concerns. Our services include:

  • IPA preparation and provision 
  • Advising on and accompanying the acquisition of shares and stakes in companies ​
  • Attraction of project financing 
  • Information disclosure in the securities market

Understand and navigate complex topics of corporate law, in Oman and abroad, with the help of our corporate law specialists. They can assist with the following:

  • Advising on the legislation regarding joint stock companies 
  • State registration of legal entities and individuals without a legal entity 
  • Legal support of financial statement disclosure alongside the submission of quarterly reports, and the announcement of corporate events 
  • Developing appropriate company management structures 
  • Compiling lists of affiliated persons 
  • Providing legal advisory assistance to solve corporate conflicts 
  • Issuing, registering, and reporting on securities activities 
  • Developing company corporate documents

Grow your property interests with guidance from our corporate law specialists. With our help, you can overcome these challenges with confidence:

  • Due diligence regarding land, property, and construction documentation  
  • Developing and implementing projects 
  • Representing and protecting your interests in the courts – both in cases initiated by and against you 
  • Representing you or your organization in government and in negotiations with contractors  
  • One-time consulting on your current issues in the field of real estate and construction 

Our tax accounting, auditing, and advisory specialists can help manage tax risks and improve financial strength. We can offer:

  • Auditing of tax accounting  
  • Tax assessment of projects and transactions 
  • Recommendations for the optimization of company taxation 
  • Analysis and explanation of the actions and decisions of tax authorities 
  • Development of legal positions and protection of your business’s interests before tax authorities and arbitration courts 
  • Tax law consultancy

Alongside the many legal advisory services outlined above, we can also help you overcome a wide range of other corporate law challenges: 

  • Preparing documents and conducting competitive bidding (tenders)
  • Privatizing organizations, providing legal support throughout the entire process  
  • Service maintenance of the fuel-energy complex and other economic sectors 
  • Advising and supporting companies affected by antitrust regulations, bankruptcy, labor relations, intellectual property, foreign trade, advertising, exchange control, budget control, money laundering, and many other areas

Trust in RSM’s legal advisory services 

To excel in business, you need legal advisory services you can trust. We use our vast experience, contacts, and expertise to fully understand your needs and do all we can to meet them. 

As part of RSM International, we offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of routine legal activities too. To find out how your organization can benefit, please get in touch today.

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