In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world has seen a much-accelerated push towards digital as organizations look to control costs and maximize their resources in a much-changed working environment. For many businesses, the departure of established manual processes in favour of digital technology adoption has been the economic lifeline they needed to survive a turbulent period. Furthermore, that digital transformation has offered organizations effective future-proofing to see them into the coming years with efficient infrastructure behind them. 

RSM’s digital transformation advisory services have been developed to offer our clients comprehensive support to achieve their digital transformation goals. Cost saving, process optimizing and future-ready, find out how digital technology adoption can benefit you today and beyond.

Why take on RSM’s digital transformation support?

The concept of our digital transformation support is straightforward. Digital technology adoption can transform your services and processes, enabling you to take advantage of the many opportunities emerging in the post-COVID market. Whether it’s optimizing working from home capabilities, developing mobile delivery and payment channel strategy or diversifying your supply chain, our digital transformation specialists can steer your organization in the right direction.

Some of the digital data and automated implementation processes we can facilitate include:

  • Real time reporting for improved management and operational control
  • Straight-through processing for reduction of cycle times and operational costs
  • Integrated supply chains via digital inventory and production enhancements
  • Dynamic customer analytics that predict customer demand trends
  • Multi-channel collaboration, distributed workforces and crowdsourcing projects

Our digital transformation methodology

RSM’s digital transformation advisory services take on a holistic approach that encourages bespoke digital concepts for each of our clients. As such, we’ll ensure that the specific digital needs of our clients are met in every instance.

Our digital transformation support will endeavor to:

  • Review organizational structures: determining the key needs of stakeholders, considering all reporting and control requirements and assessing the manpower and skillset needs for any digital project.
  • Review existing business processes: addressing optimization concerns across communication and information sharing. Identifying and eliminating non-value added, non-resourceful processes and simplifying more complex procedures. Encouraging scalability across all business units. Identification and automation of eligible manual processes.
  • Review of systems versus need: evaluating the capabilities of current systems in place versus your digital transformation goals. Identifying outdated or unnecessary tools as well as highlighting under-used tools. Review of security systems for weak points and establishment of a technology-first philosophy in relevant business units.

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