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Tax planning has always presented a challenge to businesses. Effectively understanding an ever-changing world of tax laws, tax regulations and tax compliance can often place a huge drain on business resources, leaving many organizations little time to focus on value-added processes while they look to address their tax concerns. Indeed, knowing the right taxes to pay and how to take advantage of applicable incentives and deductions is a major asset to any organization – but how does a business get to that point?

At RSM, we offer an all-encompassing array of specialized tax services that are designed to take the weight of tax responsibility off your business. Utilizing a global network of tax professionals, our tax planning services will enable your organization to turn corporate tax planning into an asset rather than a burden.

Our tax advisory services

We offer innovative and proven tax solutions at every level of the tax hierarchy. Over decades of delivering dedicated tax compliance services on a global scale, we have helped major corporations, family businesses and high-net-worth individuals to optimize their tax infrastructure.

Always considered, always proactive and always personalized, our tax advice extends to a number of key areas.

Tax due diligence review

We offer expert tax advice to clients with plans to invest in a target company on matters including potential tax liabilities, tax assets and tax incentives of the business in question. Our goal is to ensure a proper valuation of the investment that accounts for sufficient future tax assessment. A tax due diligence review can help your business understand the tax risks presented to it via an external investment.

Tax compliance review

Our tax compliance services endeavor to ensure that your organization is paying the right taxes (and the right amount of tax) in full compliance with Philippine tax laws. Our main role in tax compliance is to identify and estimate possible tax liabilities for your business, as well as offer actionable tax solutions to overcome them. We can also assist in the preparation of tax compliance guides and manuals.

Tax internal control review

Our tax internal control review looks to test your business’s current internal tax controls and tax accounting processes. We can help identify whether those controls and processes are adequate and offer improvement suggestions to help better monitor and record your transactions.

Tax planning services

Our tax planning services focus on making your business more tax efficient. All of our tax advice is tailored to you as the client, meaning tax solutions can span from simple adjustments to complete structural overhauls as and where required to improve tax position.

Tax outsourcing

Managing the tax functions of our clients, we can offer comprehensive tax services through our tax outsourcing process. Services include the preparation and filing of tax returns, the preparation of tax reconciliations and full tax assessments.

Other areas of focus:

At RSM, we pride ourselves on offering a complete tax advisory service. Beyond the core areas of tax management mentioned above, our services extend further into the following:

  • General tax advisory, regulatory, and corporate services
  • Independent CPA services
  • Tax advocacy and controversy assistance
  • Investment tax advisory services
  • Special tax studies
  • Transfer pricing and international tax services
  • Tax seminars
  • Estate and family wealth planning
  • Customs services
  • Employee or expatriate income tax return preparation

To find out more about any of our key tax services, contact us today.

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