Financial Business Modeling

We can help your company evaluate your financial instruments, give external opinions on your valuation models, audit your tools and models for financial valuation, and provide structured support in the selection of valuation models.  We can also help you identify risks and help set up risk assessment indicators and propose models for capital allocation.

Industry Studies

We can conduct comprehensive research on different industries, markets, and sectors to enable you to make informed business decisions.  Our analysis will review the economic, political, and market factors that influence the way the industry develops.  Among others, the study will cover the power wielded by suppliers and buyers, the threat posed by competitors, and the likelihood of new market entrants.

Corporate Strategy Development

We can help your company understand environment changes, identify market triggers, and seize business opportunities to leverage your company’s growth and increase its competitive advantage.  We assist in defining the most appropriate strategies and in aligning them with operating and financial models.

Operations Advisory

We can help your company achieve operations excellence through cash flow improvement, capacity efficiency enhancement, and cost reduction.  We can assist you in reducing operations complexity, managing systemic risks across the value chain, and in implementing the optimum processes and controls.  We can also advise you on supply chain management and perform business process reviews.

Productivity Studies

We can conduct systematic studies of operations and processes to ensure the best possible use of your company’s human and material resources.  This will result in increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved working conditions.

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