New investments always represent an exciting time for a business, but with new investment always comes risk. If your organization is on the verge of buying or selling a company or asset, it’s essential that you carry out accurate and effective due diligence to ensure your investment brings what you expect.

RSM’s due diligence team boasts decades of experience dealing in major transactions on a national and global scale. Our due diligence services are bespoke to your business and designed to ensure your business not only makes the right investment choices, but also maximizes value from them.

Our due diligence support services

Our due diligence services cover every facet of transaction analysis to ensure you make the right decisions for your operation. Our primary due diligence services include:

We offer financial due diligence services for both acquisition and sale processes. Our approach is to take on a thorough investigation into a transaction, taking into account both key historical financial information and forward-thinking analysis. Our team prices itself on providing clients with timely, relevant reporting that offers legitimate value-adding suggestions.

Our financial due diligence team will consider historical performance of the target business, working capital and cash flows, assets and liabilities, quality of underlying earnings, taxation analysis and pricing analysis. With no stone unturned in our investigation, we can offer you a far-reaching prognosis on your potential investment, giving you additional confidence in your decision.

For sale processes, we offer complete vendor due diligence services that highlight any potential issues currently at play in the sale business. From here, we can provide solutions on how to minimize the risk of the acquiring party using these issues to the lower the value of the sale business.

Our tax due diligence services shed light on the potential tax liabilities, tax assets and tax incentives of a target business. This process helps to ensure an accurate valuation of the investment as well as prepare for any future tax assessment. Tax due diligence should be considered a key element of the planning process for the acquirer post-investment.

Our due diligence support also extends to review of the sale purchase agreement for the transaction. Our specialists will be able to determine the most efficient route of taxation to complete the transaction, as well as ensure key provisions are included in the agreement to cover any potential risks or contingencies. 

Regardless of the transaction in question or the organizations involved, our due diligence services will always take on a bespoke nature in order to create optimal solutions for those looking to invest or sell. Our senior-level professionals are committed to an integrated working approach where we work alongside you to identify the best possible solutions and effectively steer the decision-making process.

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