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25 September 2015

Full or part time- which way to go?

Once you get to the end of your high school life, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is what to do once school is over. For the lucky few, it is all planned out and they know exactly what they want to do or what they want to...
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25 September 2015

Sustainability and Sustainability Reporting: What Are They?

Sustainability, in the context of the corporate world, can be simplistically defined as the policies and strategies which companies put in place to enable them to reduce their impact on the environment around them as much as possible.
25 September 2015

The X-Factor for the competitive edge

In a country where entrepreneurship is on everyone’s lips and the customer is spoilt for choice to find a service provider varying from the small one man business to the corporate giants, reasonable prices and expertise are not the only requirements...


25 September 2015

Training at a medium sized firm

Training in Public Practice (TIPP) with a medium sized firm as an alternative to the "Big 4" When deciding where you should work and who you should sign your training contract with, a number of factors need to be considered:
25 September 2015

Integrated Reporting and the integrated Report in South Africa

On 1 September 2009 the King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa (“King III”) was released. This document, a follow on to King I and King II, arose directly as a result of the intended introduction of a new Companies’ Act no 71 of 2008 in...
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25 September 2015

Professional scepticism – ensuring our rightful place in the financial information supply chain

At this time of year, most people around the world are looking forward to the holiday season and are filled with goodwill and best wishes. This is a time that we should fully enjoy.
25 September 2015

Budget, what budget?

A common complaint after the holidays is that people are experiencing cash flow pressure personally or in their business. Or, perhaps you’re experiencing this right through the year. The main solution to address cash flow problems and manage your...
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23 September 2015

Maternity leave and pregnancy: Instalment 2

Instalment 2: What are a pregnant employee’s legal obligations in declaring her pregnancy when a) applying for a job and b) telling her employer that she is pregnant?
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23 September 2015

Maternity leave and pregnancy: Instalment 1

Instalment 1: What laws protect a pregnant employee and what is such an employee protected against?
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23 September 2015

Employee counselling for managers

How do you deal with an employee who approaches you for assistance on personal matters?  Follow these steps to provide the best advice you can: 1. Feel Flattered – The fact that the employee is approaching you means that they trust you and respect...