Video Insights

Mergers & Acquisitions - Data privacy considerations

26 July 2022
Mergers and acquisitions present numerous opportunities for all organisations involved, but also require much consideration and preparation. In the first of our video series on mergers and acquisitions, RSM Legal Directors, Liz Pinnock and Phillip Kruger, discuss the considerations around data privacy. RSM South Africa are experts in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Multinational group audits at RSM

26 July 2022
RSM South Africa's Head of Audit, Eckard Bergh, chats to Mark Nisbett, Audit Partner at RSM UK, about how the cross border audit process works and what clients can expect.

RSM - Your partner in business

25 March 2022
At RSM, we have an extensive multidisciplinary service offering ensuring that the business needs of our clients are covered from every angle.

2022 Budget Speech Highlights

23 February 2022
Following the 2022 Budget Speech by Finance Minister, Enoch Godongwana, RSM Tax Director, Neil Hughes covers the highlights from the speech.

Understanding Management Accounts

11 January 2022
Management Accounting deals with the analysis of both quantitative & qualitative info for the purpose of improving efficiency & effectiveness within the business. Unlike Financial Accounting, where financial data is summarised into reports for presentation to a wide array of users (e.g.

Drafting a will

30 September 2021
Drafting a will can be a daunting task but following this simple checklist can make the process much easier.

POPIA implementation deadline

31 May 2021
The implementation and enforcement deadline for the POPI Act (POPIA) is 1 July 2021. This affects all organisations that hold any kind of personal information for clients or customers.

Workplace Skills Plan & Annual Training Report

30 April 2021
If an employer’s annual Leviable Amount/ Payroll is greater than R500,000 per annum, it must be registered to pay the Skills Development Levy. This includes submission of a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report.

Exam preparation for accounting students

5 March 2021
When studying accounting, preparation for exams is vital. RSM South Africa's Audit Technical Training Manager offers a few tips on how to prepare for these exams.

2021 Budget Speech Highlights

5 March 2021
Following the 2021 Budget Speech by Tito Mboweni, RSM Tax Director, Neil Hughes covers the highlights from the speech. 

2020 Budget Speech Highlights

26 February 2020
RSM South Africa Director, Neil Hughes, covers the highlights of the 2020 Budget Speech.

The CIPC Compliance Checklist

9 January 2020
The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) issued Notice 52 of 2019 announcing that new requirements apply for companies to declare their compliance status to specific sections of the Companies Act, which will be required to be submitted with the Annual Return of the company. This is applicable to all companies as of 1 January 2020.

Social media audits - Why does your company need one?

28 November 2019
Social media offers numerous opportunities for businesses from a marketing and eCommerce point of view. However, companies need to consider the potential risks as well. This is where a social media audit comes in.

What auditors do

20 September 2019
This video looks at what an auditor does, the scope of their role and why they are really necessary.

Tax returns 2019

12 August 2019
2019 tax season is here. Do you have all the correct documents ready?