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The importance of management accounts

19 August 2022
Management accounting is the implementation of principles of accounting and financial management to construct, maintain and increase value for stakeholders of enterprises in both public and private sector. This exercise can be considered a fundamental part of management.

The benefits of using an experienced Executor

14 April 2022
An Executor plays a critical role in the winding up of a deceased estate. The person appointed as Executor carries significant responsibility and risk. The key benefits of choosing an experienced Executor are the following:

The importance of professional advice before preparing a Will

12 April 2022
Many people are aware of the need to have a Will.

The RSM Education Trust

3 March 2022
The RSM Education Trust was established in 2016 by RSM South Africa as the firm’s vehicle to benefit black women in South Africa, through funding their academic and other costs related to the pursuit of their CTA - Post Graduate Accounting Studies.

Workmen's Compensation Fund ROE Submission

11 February 2022
The Workmen’s Compensation is instituted by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, to provide for the compensation of disability caused by work-related injuries or disease contracted by an employee during employment, or for death which occurred from such injuries or diseases; and to provide aid for matters connected therewith.

SARS EMP501 Interim Reconciliation

13 October 2021
What is an EMP501 reconciliation?

Provision for bonuses

28 September 2021
Employee bonuses provides compensation beyond annual salary to employees as an incentive or reward for reaching certain predetermined individual or team goals. The purpose of an employee bonus is to provide recognition for employees who have gone above and beyond normal work obligations.

The importance of updating your will regularly

22 September 2021
Having a valid and a well-executed Will is very important. A Will provides a person with the certainty and comfort of knowing that in the case of death, the assets that have been accumulated during a person’s  lifetime will be distributed according to the person’s wishes.

Considerations when choosing a company name

29 July 2021
A company name is a fundamental part of any company’s identity. It appears on all marketing material as well as on various platforms and on all your products and services.

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll

24 June 2021
What does it mean to outsource your payroll? This entails committing to a third party in terms of partial or full payroll processes. The third party, being professionals, who can do everything from calculating earnings and deductions to net salary amounts and filing related taxes.

Six things your business needs to do now

3 June 2021
It has been a year and a half like no other time in recent history. As the world enters a phase of reactivation and reimagination from the impact of the pandemic, it is time to take a deep breath and assess the situation. To use a sporting analogy, we are in the tunnel ahead of what could be the biggest game of our lives.

A view on employee engagement & job satisfaction

19 May 2021
Imagine an organisation where employees feel a sense of belonging to the extent that they go beyond the usual requirements of their jobs to ensure the success of the organisation. This is the ultimate goal most organisations want to reach but it can be quite an ambiguous and confusing process.

Family Offices - Managing planning for the future in turbulent times

7 May 2021
As the human and economic toll of the coronavirus mounts, no sector of the economy has been immune from the downturn, and this includes family offices.

Reimagining HR business models

7 May 2021
In 2020, businesses around the world went through tremendous amounts of digital change that affected ways of working. For human resources (HR) the new business models need to reflect the new business realities. It has been proven that what works well today does not guarantee success in the long-term.

Keeping your company's registered address up to date

28 April 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many companies being necessitated to have their employees working remotely, with very few employees based at the office.


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