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26 November 2018

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 86

22 November 2018

How to make corporate innovation really work

During the past few decades, the rules have been slowly changing in the business world. With computers and the Internet in the pockets of billions of consumers, and with technology constantly improving and becoming more affordable, it no longer...
16 November 2018

Year end escapades - The final payroll run

Christmas Carol? All I heard was Christmas payroll! Holidays and festivities have an incredible impact on the timing of regular monthly payroll procedures. Timeframes are much tighter with deadlines and payment dates all needing to be scheduled...


15 November 2018

Oh no - The stat audit!

As part of the independent audit of the financial statements of a company, the audit team needs to confirm that the company complied with the legal requirements that relate to the company secretarial records.  Secretarial records are minutes and...
14 November 2018

The duties and responsibilities of an audit committee

Companies may choose to appoint an audit committee as part of a good corporate governance strategy, or they may be required to do so in terms of legislation or other requirements.
9 November 2018

Bringing risk-conscious tidings – Creating an enterprise-wide awareness of risk

We have all seen the brazen headlines depicting the latest fraud scandal and organisations crumbling as a result. We are saturated with recommendations, codes, standards and acts concerning Corporate Governance and Risk Management.
9 November 2018

Remembrance Day - The 100th Anniversary

“All gave some but some gave all…”
2 November 2018

Proposed Amendments to the Doubtful Debt Provisions

There has been a significant change from previous wording, with the old section 11(j) being repealed and replaced by an entirely new section. While the rate of allowance was not defined in Section 11(j), based on SARS practice, 25% of the provision...
2 November 2018

Getting the most from audit readiness

In preparation for an audit some groundwork can be done to aid both the audit team and client staff, which could result in saved time and costs.
IFRS News in Brief
22 October 2018

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 85