RSM South Africa
18 October 2018

SARS clamps down on non-compliant corporates

In terms of the Tax Administration Act No.28 of 2011 (“TAA Act”), with specific reference to Sections 210 and 211, SARS can impose a fixed amount penalty where a taxpayer is non-compliant due to a failure to comply with an obligation imposed in...
4 October 2018

The secret to growth for SMEs may be found in an audit

An audit is an inspection of your business accounts, including accounting systems documents and invoices. The goal of an audit is to determine if the financial statements are representing an accurate view of the company.
27 September 2018

Management can improve audit quality

If the saying that “any publicity is good publicity” were true, auditors would have come very close to celebrity status lately.  After recent events like state capture, the SARS report, VBS Bank, Steinhoff, etc.


21 September 2018

Reducing the cost of an audit

The annual audit is never an event that our clients look forward to. It can be time consuming for the client and, of course, quite costly. The Companies Act introduced a “lighter” alternative to the audit in the form of the independent review,...
20 September 2018

Labour Laws Amendment Bill - Parental, Adoption & Commissioning Parental Leave

The Labour Laws Amendment Bill (“the Bill”), would allow for the amendment of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997 (BCEA).
6 September 2018

Behind the scenes of becoming a successful Chartered Accountant

“A chartered accountant is not working just to add and subtract these numbers between 0 to 9, but he should feel that he is playing an important role in building the economic infrastructure of this nation” – Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.
21 August 2018

Moving your accounting system to the cloud

In an age of technological advancements, where new programs and applications are available every day,  there is increasing pressure on business owners and accountants alike to move from server based ‘off-the-shelf’ accounting packages to cloud-based...
16 August 2018

Timing disruption: The stepping stone strategy

There are times when everything changes in business – when this happens it is often sudden, surprising and sometimes overwhelming. These moments are the strategic inflection points that can result in a company rocketing to success or being left...
16 August 2018

Training on-the-job in an organisation

Training and development is a vital part of all businesses today. Training has also evolved with technology in areas such as customised online learning platforms developed for companies, as well as the knowledge trainers have gained with regards to...
IFRS News in Brief
10 August 2018

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 84

PUBLICATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS The following materials have been published to support the implementation of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts: