RSM South Africa
13 August 2019

Proceeding with disciplinary measures following an immediate resignation

We are often requested by our clients to provide advice in situations where an employee resigns with immediate effect to avoid any sanction in the instance that the employer has convened, or intends to convene, a disciplinary hearing to determine...
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7 August 2019

When does interest paid by SARS accrue to a taxpayer?

The “gross income” definition in the Income Tax Act, starts as follows: “in the case of any resident, the total amount, in cash or otherwise, received by or accrued to or in favour of such resident; or…”
6 August 2019

Are global financial markets still in touch with reality?

At the end of May this year, I wrote an article painting three scenarios for the global economy over the next five years.


6 August 2019

Breaking Futures: The day of reckoning may be fast approaching

For the last five years, I have been asking people to watch the flags that could turn the world’s political and economic game upside down in the near term. They are now combining with one another in a way that could produce a day of reckoning sooner...
IFRS News in Brief
6 August 2019

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 94

RSM News in Brief on IFRS summarises recent IASB discussions and decisions, highlights RSM thought leadership from around the world, and addresses an IFRS application question each month.
Illustration - Global reach
31 July 2019

The new Expat Tax on income earned abroad - Part 2

From 1 March 2020, South African residents who spend more than 183 days in employment outside the country will be subject to taxation, in South Africa, on any foreign employment income that exceeds R1 million (provided that all other conditions are...
Positive employee
30 July 2019

The effects of a positive work environment on employee performance

The workplace consists of diverse and dynamic individuals who have come together for the common purpose of performing their duties and tp contribute to the success of the organisation.
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24 July 2019

An efficient accounting department

Transactional processing is normally seen as a back office job and business owners place little priority on this important business function.  In many companies processing is rushed at month end to produce the required VAT reports or other ad hoc...
19 July 2019

Payroll taxes and the related declarations

While a key component of running a business is how much employees should be paid and what amounts must be withheld from their earnings, the buck definitely does not stop here. It is critical that employers understand their full responsibilities when...
18 June 2019

Amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice

On 31 May 2019, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published amendments to the Codes of Good Practice. The changes include: