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IFRS News in Brief
10 August 2018

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 84

PUBLICATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS The following materials have been published to support the implementation of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts:
31 July 2018

Tax incentives for saving the planet

Global warming has become a topical issue across the world. The dying of marine life in the sea and dramatic temperature changes across the globe cannot go unnoticed. A lot has to be done to protect Mother Earth. Tax incentives are welcomed by...
31 July 2018

People strategies for success in a rapidly shifting global climate

One issue stands out for every middle-market business that operates internationally: the struggle to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees — those who will drive growth and company performance.


23 July 2018

Tax refunds - What you need to know

Most taxpayers are not aware of the requirements for a tax refund to be facilitated and SARS very often will delay paying out the refund.
19 July 2018

To thrive with machines, become more human: Four ways for business leaders to enable their workforce

While some cry foul and worry about the woes of a ‘useless class,’ as the historian Yuval Noah Harari puts it, others welcome widespread automation because they consider most current human labour mind-numbing.
IFRS News in Brief
16 July 2018

IFRS News in Brief - Issue 83

PUBLICATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS The following six IFRS for SMEs modules have been published on the IFRS Foundation website;
Man walking
11 July 2018

Executive, Non-Executive and Independent Directors

Section 1 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (Companies Act) defines a Director as “a member of the board of a company, as contemplated in section 66, or an alternate director of a company and includes any person occupying the position of director or...
10 July 2018

The key to a successful audit

Planning is one of the most important parts of the audit process and proper planning will ensure that the audit is executed and conducted properly. The audit process includes the following.
2 July 2018

Tax deadline dates - Simplifying your obligations

We all know that keeping track of your personal tax filing obligations can be difficult to track at times. To add to the complexity, it does not help that you could potentially be required to address filing obligations for 3 different tax years in...
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27 June 2018

What is SOX Compliance?

During a time when names like Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen, and Tyco were making headlines in the news, Maryland Democratic Senator Paul Sarbanes and Ohio Republican Congressman Michael Garver Oxley were working feverishly to come up the...