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Power of being understood
3 July 2020

Thinking Outside the Box to Revitalise the Global Economy

The global economy is facing the worst downturn in more than a century. Rob Mander, RSM International's International Tax Services Leader, says countries will not be able to tax their way back to prosperity, and it’s time for leaders to think...
Culture of innovation | RSM
2 July 2020

Great minds don’t think alike

Takeo was a classic numbers man - a no-nonsense, hard-headed finance type. Soichiro was the exact opposite - playful, creative and allergic to spreadsheets.
Project management
30 June 2020

Approaching project management - Agile vs Waterfall

Project management is an essential facet in any large enterprise or executive team. The methodologies used form the blue print of a project in order to guide the team to their ultimate goal. Two popular options would be the agile and waterfall...


TERS Payroll Considerations
22 June 2020

COVID-19 TERS: Practical Considerations for Payroll

COVID-19 TERS (Temporary Employee Relief Scheme) is a fund administrated by the Department of Labour (DoL) to provide relief to employers and employees in South Africa. A clearly set-out application process can be followed on the UIF website.
Changes to trust tax returns
10 June 2020

Be aware of change to trust tax returns

As from late in 2019, the ITR12T annual trust tax return was updated with the legislative amendments applicable to trusts to incorporate additional disclosures.      In order to comply with the amendments made to the Income Tax Act, No. 58 of 1962...
10 June 2020

Leaders as Brokers of Hope - Part 3

In the final part of this webinar, Graeme and Nick explain how to unlock and ignite hope for the people that you lead – emphasising the significance of getting the balance right between realism and optimism, in order to create the perfect recipe to...
Leaders as brokers of hope
10 June 2020

Leaders as Brokers of Hope - Part 2

Next, Graeme and Nick discuss how positivity, strength and expectation contribute to the true meaning of what hope is, providing poignant real life examples. They also look at the pitfalls associated with getting it wrong by delivering false hope to...