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We provide a comprehensive range of legal advisory services to our local and international clients. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we provide holistic solutions to their business requirements, focusing on legal commercial requirements. This, in turn, involves our other service offerings such as tax, accounting, IFRS and corporate law.

Our clients appreciate our personal involvement in every aspect of their business, and the fact that we go that extra mile to ensure that we’re with them every step of the way. Our international footprint also allows us to work seamlessly with multi-national organisations to ensure compliance. Our key legal commercial services include:


RSM’s team supports shareholders, management teams and other interested parties with advice based on their unique goals and circumstances. This includes analysing the risks, threats and opportunities of any merger or acquisition.

We have been involved in a number of high profile and successful mergers and acquisitions in the engineering, beverage, shipping, manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. 


We provide specialist legal advisory to boards and other stakeholders on the best structures to revive their businesses. We place an emphasis on understanding the needs of the business, the people and its values. We then work together to ensure the most appropriate option is taken to deliver the best results for the business. This includes ownership structures, divestment, business reorganisation, turnaround management, business reviews and new business formation.

Our multidisciplinary approach will ensure that all implications of the restructure are considered. Through our international network we are also able to operate seamlessly on a cross-border level.


The B-BBEE framework is by no means simple, with numerous unintended consequences awaiting entities that do not understand the framework, or do not correctly implement it.

Our skilled staff keep up to date with the latest B-BBEE rules and regulations, and are therefore well placed to offer legal advisory on all aspects of B-BBEE for both local and international clients.

Read more about our B-BBEE Consulting services here


We understand that a variety of factors and tensions come into play when dealing with complex transactions. Our highly experienced team provide advice that is sound, practical and innovative.


We assist international clients to set up business operations in South Africa, including deal structuring and negotiating transactions, as well as drawing and finalising the legal commercial agreements.


The trust specialists in our legal team will handle the drafting of the trust deed to meet your objectives and the requirements of the Master of the High Court. In conjunction with our Trusts Department, we will provide you with expertise on the appropriate structure of the trust, including the tax implications and ongoing administration.


As experts on the Companies Act and Corporate Governance, we regularly offer legal commercial services on:

  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Companies Act Compliance “Health Check” for Boards of Directors
  • Board Charters

We also advise our clients on regulatory compliance in terms of the Companies Act, the Competition Act, and other legislation applicable to their business, including Exchange Control.

Case study


Read the case study here 

‘Force majeure’ – a Force 10 for 2022?

19 August 2022
In the last year alone, fire, flood, plague and war have touched almost every continent, providing plenty of cause for parties to claim that contracts are unfulfillable for exceptional reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic made many contractual obligations out of reach, particularly for smaller businesses contending with increased competition for talent.

Mergers & Acquisitions - Data privacy considerations

26 July 2022
Mergers and acquisitions present numerous opportunities for all organisations involved, but also require much consideration and preparation. In the first of our video series on mergers and acquisitions, RSM Legal Directors, Liz Pinnock and Phillip Kruger, discuss the considerations around data privacy. RSM South Africa are experts in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Effective data management - the key to good corporate governance and reputation

7 April 2022
COVID-19 has created a level of state engagement with many of the world´s citizens that was perhaps unimaginable before 2020 in many democracies.

Vaccination status and dismissal

28 January 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a subject of much debate, more so now that we are seeing a roll out of “Mandatory Vaccination Policies” as well as “Return to Work” policies.

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