Tanja Faux
CEO: RSM SA Talent Experts


Tanja, a renowned figure in the recruitment industry, is the Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture, RSM SA Talent Experts. Tanja's sterling credentials include an MBA (Cum Laude) from the prestigious Stellenbosch University, and she has over 25 years of hands-on experience in human capital and recruitment, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the field's intricate dynamics.

Under her expert leadership, The Talent Experts emerged as a trusted entity in the recruitment sector. Tanja now aims to magnify this success at RSM SA Talent Experts, utilising the same drive and passion that have characterised her career. Her deep-seated expertise, particularly in the fields of IT and Finance recruitment, guarantees that the complex hiring requirements of our clients are met swiftly and accurately.

Tanja’s steadfast commitment to the personal and professional development of her team cultivates a culture of excellence and continuous enhancement at RSM SA Talent Experts. The relationships she forges with our clients and candidates are enduring, creating a strong foundation for our operations and setting the industry standard for stakeholder engagement.

Her leadership style prioritises collaboration and empowerment, reflecting her belief in the transformative power of team synergy. As CEO, Tanja consistently seeks to exceed stakeholder expectations, promising an unmatched level of service that disrupts conventional recruitment norms.

Away from the dynamic recruitment environment, Tanja is an enthusiastic reader, committed to personal wellness and self-development. This continuous learning ethos forms a crucial part of her leadership strategy, enabling both herself and the business to keep abreast of the rapidly evolving recruitment sector.

Tanja’s visionary leadership and unflagging dedication to excellence, position her as the ideal helmsman for RSM SA Talent Experts. Her relentless drive to create a lasting impact on the careers of the talented individuals we place, as well as facilitating growth within the sectors we serve, heralds an exciting and prosperous future for our organisation.


  • MBA