We specialize in IT auditing, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation. 


What are your business goals? 

A secure IT environment is crucial for business development, and at RSM, we can make a significant difference. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized companys reach new heights through cost-effective development of digital strategies. 

Support for auditors 

Today, there is a requirement for auditors to understand and control their IT environment, and we assist with that. When you collaborate with us at RSM, you receive experienced support in both the financial and digital aspects. This may involve complementing audits with IT consultation, or vice versa. What are your needs? Please feel free to share with us. 

IT and finance go hand in hand 

You need the right expertise in both, and that's where RSM comes in. Always close at hand, with one experienced foot in finance and the other in IT. This ensures you have a stable, secure, and cost-effective IT environment within your budget. In short, we have the expertise and digital tools to help you grow

Global network

We work in close collaboration with the Nordic RSM offices and are often involved in international transactions, both with private equity and industrial clients. Through the RSM network, we have access to broad global expertise and additional capabilities. We can therefore put together teams across national borders when the transactions require this. 



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