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The future is digital and RSM can support you in the exciting transition that digitalization entails. We are at the forefront of paperless accounting and offer digital solutions that help saving time as well as trees.

Accounting has never been easier with our digital solutions

We love new technology, and that is why we are constantly seeking smart solutions to suit you and your business. Impressive new technology has opened doors to many possibilities for businesses, such as handling invoices digitally and being able to shoot and upload receipts directly on a mobile phone.

In a web-based system, not only is an invoice compiled in an instant and sent directly to your business partner, but it is also automatically established in the accounting system.

Collaborate with us via the cloud

To work in a web-based system  means that we can collaborate in the cloud, which has great advantages. For example, if you choose to do part of the work yourself, the system will clearly show what is left for your accounting consultant to do.

By using RSM’s digital solutions, you will have the benefit of getting access to your company’s finances, no matter where you are

The improved transparency also helps us to report the right information, so you know exactly how the financial situation in your company is. With instant and clear reporting, the accounting will function as an invaluable signal system – for you as a client, for the company’s management and for us in the role as financial sounding board.

Advantages of paperless accounting

  • Improvement in efficiency – a reduction in paper will certainly improve efficiency. Web based accounting ensures that documents are easier to store and process.
  • Increase in productivity – our digital services will help you to locate that document in no time at all.
  • Lower costs – minimise the amount spent on ink, paper and printers.

If you would like to know more about paperless accounting, please contact your local RSM office 


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