Impact of Corporate Tax reform on companies in Switzerland

The final version of the long awaited and many times amended corporate tax reform in Switzerland is now in its consultation phase. Yet the voice of the companies most affected has really not been heard. To understand what these enterprises would expect from the reform and what the impact of it might be for them, RSM, the 6thlargest network of tax, audit and consulting services, is conducting comprehensive research at this stage of the reform together with the Vaud Chamber of Commerce. Through participation in this research, those companies will have the opportunity to deliver a clear message to the tax authorities and governments in Switzerland.

We are offering you the chance to make your voice count. This questionnaire is being replicated in the most representative cantons of Switzerland and the results of it will be published in the media, through press conferences and shared with local authorities as well. As a thank for the 5 to 7 minutes that completing this questionnaire, you will receive the detailed report but most of all, your views will be heard. This questionnaire aims to define what you would consider to be an appropriate tax rate, an interesting tax regime and what your needs and expectations are as a company. We would be grateful for your time in order to make this review a success, and one that could play an important role in future discussions with the cantonal and federal authorities. Please make your voice count!

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For RSM Switzerland

Daniel Spitz

Tax Partner, Head of tax, Certified Tax Expert

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