Championing a better working environment

In today’s globalised world, the business case for diversity is simply overwhelming. The best and most informed commercial decisions are made by harnessing a variety of views and opinions. In this period of global connectivity, diversity can no longer be considered as something that is “nice to have”, it is essential. 

Companies must recognise that by encouraging a diverse and inclusive work environment they are, ultimately, gaining unparalleled benefits that go far beyond what they might expect. 

Businesses now have the power to bring transformative change to working culture. But this can only come from within. By now, we already inherently know that diversity is good for business and the argument for it becomes more powerful every year – and getting there begins with every one of us. 

Growth for business through growth for women

RSM's global Diversity and Inclusion Leader, Candice Eaton-Gaul joins CEO and founder of Women Who Lead, Frances Rios in a discussion on how middle market organisations can harness growth for business through growth for women. This powerful conversation explores the benefits of harnessing diversity and inclusion initiatives to improve the business bottom line.

Unacceptable norms that perpetuate gender inequality

Diversity and Inclusion Leader at RSM International, Candice Eaton Gaul, explores where gender inequality exists and what we can do to help break the bias.

5 best practices for cultivating a diverse and inclusive business culture

Businesses that offer an inclusive working environment, for a diverse blend of employees stand ready to transform, grow and outpace their competitors. But how can organisations work to unlock these benefits? Senior figures from across the RSM global network discuss the ways that organisations can shape their approach to diversity and inclusion.