Our strategic vision

RSM Switzerland is a provider of audit, accounting, legal, tax and advisory services, whose founding principle is the guarantee of a unique and distinctive relationship of quality with clients, prospective clients and all employees.

  • Concrete values of mutual respect and consideration are promoted as intrinsic to the RSM brand. This exclusive relational climate nurtures the professionalism put forward by all our employees, with a distinct focus on anticipating and preparing for future requirements.
  • RSM's reputation is at the centre of a manifest care by each and every one. As daily ambassadors of our core values, we are constantly eager to disseminate our belief that RSM is the top-tier player of reference in our market.
  • We promote continual interaction to creatively find operational and pragmatic solutions, by thinking and looking outside the box. The growth in competencies and responsibility of our employees remains one of our priorities.
  • The leadership style at RSM Switzerland creates freedom and independence where the order of the day is flexibility, individual expression, humour and comfort. This is encompassed by a spirit of self-responsibilisation at all levels.
  • We are constantly striving for the reliability of our people and guaranteeing services that exceed the expectations of our clients are part of RSM Switzerland’s DNA.
  • We aspire to a vision of balancing profitability to maintain our strong growth with the establishment of fees and time spent in accordance with the best interests of our clients.
  • We want to ensure responsible and reasonable behaviour, both collectively and individually, in all circumstances, with a core of ethics and eco-responsibility.

We are RSM Switzerland!