Sell-side Due diligence


Don’t risk a broken deal — address issues before you have a buyer.


Today’s buyers are looking for increasingly detailed analyses on prospective acquisitions; there’s no such thing as a simple transaction anymore. Providing them with a ready-made, in-depth sell-side due diligence report could avoid a drawn-out transaction and offers you the opportunity to address any concerns before they arise.

RSM Switzerland can help ensure deal risks are minimized even before a potential buyer has been found by anticipating potential challenges and ensuring the investment thesis is fully supported.

A method centred on expressing your growth strategy, evaluating your options, and modelling out scenarios will help you feel certain that you're deploying your resources wisely.

Sell-side due diligence may boost your buyer's trust and readiness to pay a fair price for your firm. However, your team may have a lack of time or skills to detect and investigate such problems. They may also be unaware of how those difficulties may affect the deal's result.

At RSM Switzerland, our professionals will provide your buyer with correct financial information as well as address operational, technological, and human resource issues that could be the difference between a successful sale and a lengthy, perhaps contentious transaction process. This is particularly true today, where due diligence efforts have intensified, and buyer-identified issues can place a seller in a defensive negotiating position on price and transaction terms.

Benefits of sell-side due diligence

The potential benefits of sell-side due diligence include:

  • Collaborating with your Corporate Finance advisor and/or investment banker to address risks early, accelerating time to close.
  • Improving the accuracy of the historical and projected financial information contained in the marketing materials.
  • Providing the buyer with a transparent, objective and credible view of the business.
  • Minimizing surprises and maximizing transaction value by adding credibility and objectivity to the process, especially where there has been no financial audit.
  • Identifying adjustments that positively impact EBITDA (typically, potential acquirers only inform sellers about negative adjustments).
  • Increasing competition between buyers and minimizing buyer negotiations after the letter of intent.

Why RSM?

Our consultants employ a buyer's perspective to optimize your investment value, drawing on years of transaction experience across the industry spectrum.

We understand your goals and tailor our services to complement and assist your team's sell-side due diligence capabilities.

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