Due diligence

At RSM Switzerland, the client's investment and the control of the associated risks are our priority. Our main purpose is to verify the information that has been raised during the transaction  or the investment process, to identify potential failures in the transaction or the investment opportunity, and thus avoid a bad business transaction.

Few things in any prospective business transaction are more important than a methodical, evidence-based financial due diligence process.

  • On the buy-side of a deal, this information can validate the asking price for an acquisition, or open one or more avenues for negotiating a better price.
  • On the sell-side, this process ensures that your company’s accounting systems and financial reports are accurate, well-organized, and presented in the strongest possible light. In fact, a substandard financial due diligence effort can increase the risks - and reduce the value - of any transaction.

RSM Switzerland’s global offering encompasses financial, tax and broader analysis to identify both the risks and opportunities of a potential transaction to help you make the right decision and negotiate better outcomes.


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