Your move to Switzerland or relocation abroad involves many facets that can be difficult to manage simultaneously. Thanks to our multidisciplinary and international approach, we are able to plan your international transfers so that they serve your best interests and comply with the tax and legal requirements of the countries concerned.


An arrival in Switzerland or a departure from Switzerland implies the following series of problems:

  • Tax analysis of the asset situation in light of the country of arrival’s legislation and possible modification of the previously agreed planning. This point is very important especially for all matters of trusts, foundations, wills, capital gains, dividend income, salaries, inheritances, etc. What worked in the country of residence could be very penalizing in the country of arrival. It is therefore necessary to completely review what has been planned in view of future projects and existing legislation.
  • Legal analysis of the patrimonial situation: Special attention should be paid to existing wills, trusts and marriage contracts. Indeed, the country of arrival certainly has a different legislation from that of the country of departure. This is particularly true between common law countries (UK, USA) and civil law countries (mostly EU). Therefore, what is legally valid and desired in the country of residence is not necessarily so in the country of arrival. The application of local law can therefore lead to an undesired situation.
  • Residence and work permits, residence and/or activity permits.
  • Importing goods, pets, works of art, wine collections or cars: customs duties, right to import or not, VAT, forms, etc.
  • Acquisition of real estate: review of the conformity and necessary authorizations with the local legislation in view of the acquisition of the building, verifications of the legal conformity and authorizations specific to the building, including insurances, coordination with the seller and the notary, negotiation of the credits with the banks, modifications of promissory notes/mortgage notes, representation during the signing.
  • Tax representation: Negotiation of applicable tax regimes or prior agreements (ruling) with the tax authorities, representation for the exchange of letters and tax returns, tax notices, etc.
  • Optimization of passive income flows (pensions, dividends, licenses, interests...) and active income flows (employment, administrator...) according to the legislation of the country of arrival.
  • Optimization of the withdrawal of pension funds between the country of departure and arrival.


Working with both companies and individuals, we provide you with a global expatriation strategy adapted to your specific needs.

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