Technology has several stories to unfold. The word itself is akin to development, and it continues to transform sectors and businesses in much of today's commercial landscape, even in the difficult circumstances brought about by the COVID-19. It automates manual operations and alters systems and processes. Businesses may now run more efficiently and successfully, all thanks to technological advancements. And this is where the most recent accounting trends primarily revolve around. In this article, we will discuss the top accounting trends that you should be aware of.

Cloud-based Accounting

Cloud is becoming a trendy spot for accounting services. Companies and enterprises can access their systems at any time using cloud-based accounting systems, which works equally well for teams that have transitioned to a remote work environment since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Tracking inventories, sales, and expenses are also part of data access. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions enable the construction of workflows, which saves enterprises precious time. Having such advantages is motivating firms to migrate to cloud-based accounting systems. Also, the accounting sector is making significant strides towards more effective and comprehensive financial reporting and analytics.


Blockchain is already transforming the accounting industry by reducing the expenses of reconciling and maintaining ledgers. It also provides the necessary precision in terms of asset ownership and history. Accountants benefit from blockchain technology by getting a better understanding of their organization's obligations and available resources. It is anticipated that businesses in the United States will spend $1.1 billion on blockchain technologies by the end of 2022.

Advisory Services

Experts believe that a hybrid strategy combining accounting technology and financial advisor input will emerge in the near future. Decision-making in accounting and finance, is expected to be in the hands of human professionals and experts for the foreseeable future. As a result, comprehensive end-to-end automation in the accounting business is not feasible. However, with the introduction of innovative technologies, accounting firms are able to focus more on the quality of their consulting services. The elimination of manual and repetitive tasks enables accounting firms to spend more time evaluating data, delivering insights, and advising customers, especially during a disruptive time of Covid-19.

Remote Workplace Setup

Employers are having difficulty obtaining top personnel in finance and accounting these days, which is why it is critical for them to extend their candidate search and recruiting criteria. As a result, accounting experts are adapting to the trend of allowing workers to work remotely. Also, with technology improvements and the emergence of computerized accounting systems, accountants working from home can generate the same high-quality outcomes as those working in office settings.

RSM Insights

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is adaptability is everything. Current accounting trends indicate one thing: digitization is as omnipresent in the accounting sector as it is elsewhere, yet human capabilities remain just as important. However, the ability to learn, adapt, and deal with new issues will be critical for the accounting industry in the future.

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