In order to progress in business, examining current finances and financial processes is crucial. RSM Dahman’s professional auditing and assurance services are designed to successfully highlight the existing financial landscape of a business. This offers opportunities to develop fresh strategies, flags potential risks, and enables the creation of a system that’s built to make the business last.

If you are seeking insights from a team of audit specialists, you’ll find that we at RSM Dahman can provide the guidance you need. We offer a client-centered focus that is tailored to the industry you operate in and pride ourselves on establishing the issues surrounding each sector. This allows us to pinpoint the exact auditing solutions you need for your business.

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Our professional auditing and assurance services 

Every business is different, yet every business has similar needs. One of the most common requirements, regardless of the industry, is a comprehensive audit and assurance service.

For an audit to be a success, businesses need an auditor who understands their trade and does not just rely on ticking boxes and filling checklists. The auditor will carry out a systematic review of the information to hand and assess what this means. Ultimately, a good, unbiased, and independent audit, such as that offered by the expert team here at RSM, can help when dealing with banks, investors, or partners.

Our audit specialists provide sound, commercial advice, whatever type of business you oversee. Whether you are an entrepreneur or operate an owner-managed business, you are a family-run or corporate organization, we deliver reliable financial information to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders.

We deliver a risk-based professional auditing methodology that follows international standards. This is an effective, independent audit, that is carried out in a timely, efficient manner so that you can begin following up on our findings.

We also understand your requirements and expectations and know that you want a seamless service. To achieve this, as part of our audit and assurance services, our team takes a forensic approach, developing a deep understanding of your organization. This enables the RSM auditors to keep communication channels open, notify you of any difficulties encountered as they arise in the financial auditing process, and discuss next steps as a result of their findings.

Auditing and assurance services for your organization

RSM Dahman’s range of corporate auditing and assurance services are designed to provide a full overview of your finances, allowing you to reassess your current financial setup and make improvements. 

The audit and assurance services available to your organization include:

  • Financial audits, reviews, and compilations
  • Other attestation engagements
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Statement of expenditure audits

Why choose RSM Dahman for your auditing solutions? 

Complying with ever-changing regulations and accounting standards can be a challenge. Thanks to having access to global centers of excellence, RSM Dahman is on top of such changes and the impact that these can have on businesses.

Advanced training programs ensure that our auditors are able to identify and raise these issues and offer resolutions efficiently. Additionally, our audit assurance services are based on and adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means that every service is compliant from initial assessments to project completion. Most importantly, the team strives to meet expectations and exceed them throughout the audit.

Corporate auditing services by audit specialists

When you choose RSM Dahman, you can access the expertise of leading audit specialists, and tap into a network spanning 820 offices based in 120 countries that are run by 48,000 partners and staff. 

Learn more about how our auditing solutions and assurance services will provide your business with an understanding of your current financial position and the power to identify and resolve risks. Call us on +971 4 554 7423 or email [email protected] to find out how we will tailor our services to meet your business’s requirements.

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