Other assurance services

In addition to comprehensive audits, there are other assurance services available that are designed to give businesses an insight into their finances, the risks that may crop up, and the financial planning and strategies to introduce.

At RSM, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of assurance solutions that can be used individually or in tandem with our other services. These include attestation engagements, which are a type of audit; statement of expenditure audits; and agreed-upon procedures (AUPs), where our accounting team will provide you with a report.

The latter is not strictly an assurance service as the report does not include a conclusion, but due to the procedures involved, there are similarities between AUPs and audits, which is why these fall into this category of financial assistance that is available at RSM.

As well as offering this suite of services, our UAE team can provide additional reporting, assessments, and guidance. One form of guidance we offer is through the eligibility criteria for the Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme.

Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme: an additional assurance service

RSM’s range of assurance services and solutions provide a full overview of your finances, giving you the opportunity to gauge your current status and tap into opportunities that help your business grow. One additional service we offer for businesses in the UAE is using our expertise to help access the Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme.

The scheme is a rebate for eligible producers of feature films, televisions, commercials, and other format screen productions. It also covers post-production work.

The incentive scheme was introduced by the Abu Dhabi government and is a grant of up to 30% of the Abu Dhabi Qualifying Production Expenditure (ADQPE) offered by the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC).

The rebate is only available to international productions accepted by the ADFC and to companies rather than individuals. As part of RSM’s assurance services, we will establish if your business is eligible and assist with accessing this grant if you do qualify for the scheme.

How RSM can help you access the Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme

To access the rebate provided by the Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme, you are required to get an audited expenditure statement from a qualified auditor approved by the ADFC. This statement is typically part of the auditing process and looks at the impact of expenses, reflecting the company’s profitability.
As part of our audit and assurance services, the RSM team will check whether your business is eligible for the rebate provided by this scheme. If we think you could access this grant, we will then carry out an audit of your expenditure statement in accordance with the rebate guidelines issued by the ADFC and International Standards of Auditing.

After the audited expenditure statement

In addition to assessing if you qualify for the Abu Dhabi International Production Incentive Scheme and working through your audited expenditure statement as part of the application process, we can look at: 

  • The eligibility criteria and application process
    Working together, we will assist you in the preparation of application forms and in identifying the eligibility criteria.
  • ADQPE estimates and budget
    Our experienced professionals can assist you in the preparation of the ADQPE budget if required in the initial stages.
  • Interim and final certificate
    We can help you in obtaining both the interim and final certificates.

Assurance services by a team of experts

When you choose RSM, you can access assurance services and solutions provided by a network spanning 820 offices based in 120 countries that are run by 48,000 partners and staff. 

To find out more about how our services could help you access the International Production Incentive Scheme rebate, call us on +971 4 554 7423 or email [email protected].

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