Computer security is paramount in every organization. The correct protection of data, access to information, password management, system effectiveness and sustainability, data flow efficiency, information and system insecurity detection, physical security, computer applications control and validation, among others, are issues that must be looked after so as to minimize eventual risks.

As businesses move their operations online in order to stay current, the number of companies suffering from a serious incident of cyber-crime is increasing. This in turn is costing the economy billions of dollars every year. RSM Argentina's dedicated cyber security specialists will help you protect your networks from potentially catastrophic risks.

By working alongside our cyber security experts, you will be able to reduce risks and put an efficient and robust security program in place. Our client-centric approach means we have a deep understanding of your business and can therefore create the most suitable cyber-attack prevention system.


RSM Argentina's cyber security experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to their ability to adapt, we're able to protect your organization from the ever-changing threats faced online.

Working alongside you, as part of our cyber security risk audit, we will:

·       Evaluate physical, cybernetic and personnel vulnerability from different attack scenarios.

·        Design, implement and manage your security program.

·       Ensure you comply with data privacy regulations.

·       Develop a culture to ensure your employees are aware of their role in cyber-attack prevention.


Our dedicated cybersecurity specialists have the knowledge and experience to help protect your business from cyber-attacks. Following our cyber security risk audit, we will provide you with the insight you need to fully understand how your IT systems are being used and where the risks are, which in turn will help us formulate and implement a program of protection.

Discover how our bespoke cyber security auditing services can help by contacting us today.