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Argentina’s economic environment is complex and in a state of constant change, which is perhaps even more so the case with its tax legislation. The existing set of rules make up a complex scenario which can be difficult to navigate at times.

In order for us to have a thorough understanding of the tax system so that we may act accordingly on behalf of clients it is imperative that we remain constantly up to date on changes.

We help our clients adopt the procedures and structures that will allow them to operate with the lowest possible taxation while making sure they respect and follow established law.

Our goal is to provide our clients with advice and solutions to meet customer needs with innovation and creativity as well as ensure they are able to pass government inspections.

Some of the areas in which we help our clients include:

  • Local and international fiscal planning
  • Local and international fiscal consultancy
  • Company re-organization including optimization of fiscal benefits
  • Preparation of national, provincial, and municipal tax returns
  • Audits and fiscal revisions for specific purposes (performance appraisal, due diligence, etc.)
  • Advising and assistance for government inspections
  • Advising and representation of foreign residents
  • Tax treatment for expatriates
  • Assistance and sponsorship to meet different tax jurisdictions
  • Advising in the preparation of queries from tax authorities
  • Advising and assistance in the preparation of expense reimbursements and tax returns
  • Requests for non-withholding tax and tax collection at source certificates
  • Outsourcing of tax liabilities
  • Transfer pricing studies

COVID-19 July 2020 update

17 July 2020
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