Corporate transfer pricing services

Successful global corporations understand the importance of transfer pricing on an international scale, yet even the most prosperous businesses need support when dealing with new compliance laws.

That is why RSM tailor bespoke transfer price solutions for our cohort of international clients. Our devoted and knowledgeable transfer pricing specialists work closely with our clients to provide advice and support that seeks business opportunities and non-aggressive tax planning.

How we deliver transfer price services

By working intimately with your corporation’s leadership teams and tax specialists, RSM is able to develop bespoke solutions to your transfer price problems.

Our transfer price and tax experts call on the expertise of our global network of consultants, giving us unique and detailed insights to the issues when conducting domestic, cross-state and international transactions.

This understanding enables RSM to stay one step ahead of transfer pricing standards and risks and seek out transfer price opportunities to support your corporate goals.

What can transfer pricing specialists do for your business?

As one of the most significant challenges facing domestic and multinational corporations from all industries, it is vital that your business has the right transfer price support in place to avoid hefty penalties.

Regulations vary across provinces and international borders. Luckily, our transfer pricing specialists are part of a global network, so we can provide the most up-to-date advice and support when it comes to your transfer price needs.

Here at RSM, we believe transfer pricing can be a tool to manage your tax exposure efficiently and maximize your corporate opportunities. We will go out of our way to build your company the appropriate transfer price solution that identifies your optimum tax structure and supports your financial prosperity.

Our transfer price services

To serve our clients efficiently and help them scale their business effectively, RSM offers transfer price support for every step of growing your business. Our services include the following:

·       Transfer pricing documentation

·       Advance pricing agreements

·       Cost allocation studies

·       Supply chain structuring

·       Cost sharing arrangements

·       Implementation services

Bespoke transfer price solutions from RSM Argentina

For more details on our transfer price solutions, get in contact with our team of transfer pricing specialists or book a face-to-face appointment with one of our consultants at either our Buenos Aires or Cordoba office locations.

At RSM, our transfer pricing specialists are part of a vast global network of corporate consultants. This enables us to draw on a huge wealth of knowledge to build our bespoke transfer price solutions for your business