Assessment and representation in litigations

As the world’s sixth-largest corporate consultancy firm, RSM understands the unique challenges faced by internationally trading businesses when it comes to tax litigation assessments and representation.

Our network of dedicated and expert consultants puts the client’s needs at the center of everything they do. Gaining unique insights into our client’s most pressing tax litigation needs ensures we deliver the right support to navigate complex litigation issues.

For more information about our litigation services, contact our team directly. We are ready to support your corporation in any way we can.

Our approach to tax litigation representation

RSM seeks to combine our significant international experience and diverse specialist skill sets when developing tailor-made assessment and representation litigation services for our clients. This global understanding of corporate tax litigation helps us to develop the tax litigation representation that your corporation needs.

We ensure that our clients are heard and understood every step of the way. Working in open dialogue with our clients helps us navigate the intricacies of each case and provide the best tax litigation assessments and representation.

How we deliver corporate tax litigation services

By partnering closely with our clients, we offer support with appropriate national and provincial tax attorneys throughout the litigation process. During the assessment phase we will provide expert reports on complex litigation matters and break down concepts and present them in a manner readily understood by all parties.

Our expertise enables us to provide continued, detailed reports, assessment and representation to individuals and corporations throughout potential and pending tax litigation proceedings.

Our assessment and representation in litigation services

At RSM, we know that there are many situations and causes by means of which a tax or transfer pricing dispute can end up in court. Our team can help you on a national and provincial level with corporate tax legal defense in the following ways:

·       Assistance and representation in appeals before various tax jurisdictions

·       Administrative or legal defense over transfer price

Tailor-made tax litigation assessments and solutions for your business from RSM Argentina

If your corporation requires litigation services or assessments, get in touch with our team of dedicated corporate tax consultants today. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with one of our team at our Buenos Aires or Cordoba offices.

RSM Argentina is part of a huge global network of consultants, allowing us to draw on a wealth of worldwide knowledge and experience to offer a tailor-made solution to your business’s unique requirements.