RSM Argentina


Human Resources

The objective of our services is to provide the administrative support needed for tasks requiring operative disposability and the constant update of legal material (labour, social security, tax) .

the area of human resources in your organization. Our highly-qualified staff and the technical resources we employ enable us to ensure the quality of the service we provide both in terms of regulatory aspects and data processing. To this effect, we employ our own development and maintenance software as well as top-of-the-line hardware.

Payroll settlement

  • Payroll settlement
  • Determination and generation of tax returns for income tax 4th category for all employees
  • Determination and generation of tax returns for the payment of employer’s contributions
  • Registration of payroll journal, including microfilming
  • Accounting information compatible with different applications (SAP, GACI, etc.).
  • Management report
  • Banking credits
  • Delivery of salary slips to personnel

Personnel management

  • Administration of social security database for issuing salary certificates
  • Adherence to moratorium and credit facility plans
  • Verification of contractor and sub-contractor compliance with labour contracts
  • Labour, social security, and tax queries regarding 4th category income

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