Sustainability Newsletter 2017-01 1rst Belgian report on sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which aims to be a "plan of action for humanity, planet and

prosperity". Over the next 15 years, 17 Sustainable Developpement Goals (SDGs) that are linked to 169 goals must form an action plan to free humanity from poverty and put the planet

back on the road to sustainability.

These objectives which are inseparable reflect the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and ecological aspects.

In this context, every Member State of the United Nations has to regularly produce a report on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Program and on the progress made in achieving the objectives. During 2016, 22 countries already submitted their report versus 44 countries that decides to submit it in 2017. The drawing up of this report was a real feat because it required the collaboration of many authorities in Belgium.


The national voluntary review

Belgium submitted its first report on July 2017. In its report, the most important message conveyed by Belgium on 18 July 2017 highlights Belgium's  historic commitment to sustainable development. It also highlights the method of organizing and anchoring this commitment at the institutional level.

Belgium also emphasizes its commitment to implement all the Sustainable Development Goals by considering them as a whole. In this framework, the Belgian report illustrates

that the 17 objectives set out in the Sustainable Development Program have been incorporated into the existing policies, actions and initiatives in Belgium.  It also identifies the areas in which additional effort will have to be provided and which mainly concern the areas of continuing training, water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. This first report reflects Belgium's desire to evolve into a global and sustainable policy. Mainly, it represents initiatives and actions that have to be taken by Belgium. This exercise is the first step of reference for all future actions and for the preparation of the next report.

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