RSM Bulgaria

Our people

The senior management and professional team of RSM BG consists of five highly-skilled and experienced members lead by Dr. Mariana Mihaylova, who is a well recognised and highly regarded figure in the Bulgarian auditors and certified accountants’ circles. The team has the authority, the stature and projects the necessary respect to be well accepted at the board rooms of Bulgaria’s economy leading players.

Mrs. Mariana Mihaylova – Managing partner

Mrs. Mariana Mihaylova performs her duties as a certified public accountant within RSM BG, being a company of a registered auditor according to the Bulgarian Act of the Independent Financial Audit. Mrs. Mihaylova performs independent financial auditing of financial statements of companies and beneficiaries under various grant programs inclusding programs of the European Union. Mrs. Mihaylova is an active member of the Bulgarian Institute of the Certified Public Accountants (ICPA) and is also taking active part in its local structures. She was elected for two terms (2000 - 2008) as member of the Disciplinary council of ICPA. For the period from 2011 till 2014 Mrs. Mihaylova was member of the Council for Quality Control of the Auditing Services of ICPA. The professional performance of Mrs. Mihaylova was acknowledged also by her election to the Council of experts at the National Audit Office.

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Mrs. Tania Kotocheva – Head of audit

Mrs. Tania Kotocheva is a certified public accountant, has a PhD degree in Economics with dissertation in the field of accounting of financial instruments. Mrs. Kotocheva is a certified internal auditor for the public sector and internal auditor for quality standard ISO9001/2008. She is a member of BICPA and BIIA. Mrs. Kotocheva is specialised in performing audit engagements in specific industries such as the energy sector, mutual investment funds, management companies, financial and insurance companies. She is presently assisting in developing, implementing and updating policies and procedures, templates and other instruments that facilitate compliance with the activity in accordance with ISA, the Code of Ethics, ISQC 1 and applicable legislation. Mrs Kotocheva assists Mrs. Mihaylova in organization and control of audit activity, coordinates the work of the audit teams, maintains and updates CVP control over time sheets. Mrs. Kotocheva is an internal trainer of RSM BG.

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Mr. Ivo Chehlarov – head of risk advisory services

Mr. Ivo Chehlarov is a senior audit manager and has been part of RSM BG since 2011. Before joining RSM BG as a senior audit manager he had been part of KPMG Bulgaria audit department for 12 years. He is a member of ACCA and became FCCA in March 2006. Mr. Chehlarov is engaged in audit of clients which are in the non-financial sector. He is also engaged in auditing projects financed by the European Union’s structural funds and other operations related to European programmes. His responsibilities include engagements in due diligence projects of companies from different industries and sectors of the economy, as well as reviews and insurance engagements related to specific customer requirements. Mr. Chehlarov is responsible for accounting consultancy services related to key questions raised by clients for complex issues.

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Mr. Vladislav Mihaylov – MANAGING PARTNER & international contact partner

Mr. Vladislav Mihaylov is the youngest partner in the company. He is a certified public accountant, certified fraud examiner, certified internal auditor in the public sector, certified valuator of trade receivables of companies, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). His main duties in RSM BG are related with performing audit engagements. His most important engagement so far has been in reviewing the quality of assets of CIbank (part of KBC group), which acquired United Bulgarian Bank (ex-NBG, Greece member) during the last Q4 in 2016. The merger between the two banks established the third largest bank in Bulgaria.

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Mr. Plamen Mihaylov – Legal advisor

Mr. Plamen Mihaylov has practiced corporate and securities law for more than 10 years. Among his clients there are corporations, investment banking firms, commercial banks, private equity and investment funds. He has represented his clients in a range of finance transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals, public offerings, and public and private placements of debt and equity securities. Mr. Plamen Mihaylov acts as counsel to both issuers and underwriters in domestic and international fundings and has also advised on high-yield offerings, mezzanine, bridge financings, investment-grade debt offerings, acquisition financings and recapitalizations. He also advises corporations on corporate governance and securities regulation, and provides general corporate advice to a number of publicly and privately held companies.

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