Taxation issues are often a regular source of unexpected and problematic financial complications for many business entities. This stems from the sophisticated nature of the various tax frameworks that can be applied to a company, each one demanding a high level of professional knowledge which will usually not be readily available within an organization.

These tax frameworks can create an abundance of uncertainty, owed to the fact that the legal frames and regulations which need to be strictly adhered to are in a constant cycle of amendment and change.

RSM BG are here to provide clients with the specialized knowledge required to navigate the necessary taxation frameworks, offering detailed tax advice and various tax services to its clients.

How RSM can provide tax advice

Our approach focuses on tax solutions which address standard taxation requirements and common issues, as well as addressing particular needs which are unique to a specific business through specialized tax services. By collaborating with your finance department, RSM BG are able to dispense the correct tax advisory services which ensure your documentation is compliant with relevant tax legislation.

The extensive tax department of RSM BG possesses in-depth knowledge of both Bulgarian tax laws and mainstream international tax legislation (predominantly EU and its members’ tax framework). Both global and local tax law experts are readily available to provide your company with the assistance and reassurance it needs whenever necessary. 

When trying to identify the key problematic areas within your company’s finances which would potentially contribute to taxation issues, RSM BG is able to provide intuitive tax solutions which focus on the areas which are frequently responsible for common tax issues. These can be compounded from multiple areas of a business’ financial activity, covering:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Outsourcing
  • Related internationally dispersed entities
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Investments
  • International tax planning
  • Treatment of differences in taxation.

Once the finances of your business have been reviewed and the relevant tax advisors have a detailed understanding of your position, the correct tax services can be carried out to assess and rectify, where possible, any discrepancies and issues which are found.

The areas within which RSM BG can provide tax compliance services cover both corporate and personal taxation domains, depending on your requirements as a client.

When providing corporate tax support to businesses, we can recommend and implement tax strategies to streamline your charges while remaining compliant within complex tax environment.

If your business forms part of a multi-national group, then we can review your financial position from a holistic perspective to understand your objectives and mitigate potential transfer pricing risks.

For personal tax matters, we can assist you in undertaking effective tax planning so that your personal financial affairs are handled with care and professionalism.

Tax solutions shaped around your business

Our specialized tax services can be moulded to suit whatever financial goals your organization has.

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