The audit and assurance services of RSM BG are performed by experienced audit specialists in compliance with the International Auditing Standards, providing clients with valuable corporate audit services matched to the scale and structure of their business.

Our approach is based on the verification of evidence in regard to the amounts and positions reported within an audited entity’s financial statements. These should be prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and National Financial Reporting Standards for small and medium companies. This allows the necessary financial auditing processes to be executed effectively and ensures the adherence to best practice principles when undertaking assurance services.

The audit engagements also include adequacy assessment of applied accounting principles and evaluations of significant approximate estimates that have been submitted by the management of the audited entity. The assignments conclude with an independent opinion which provides commentary on the overall validity of information provided within any financial statements. An important part of the audit engagement is the understanding and estimation of the internal control systems of the audited company.

While performing the audit services requested, RSM BG tailors its overall approach to the particular needs and requirements of its clients. By assessing the unique characteristics of an audited company, RSM BG auditors can adjust their methodology based on the generally applied principles that auditors should:

  • Focus their attention not only on financial statements, but on the company as a whole;
  • Use their understanding of the business and services offered to determine the appropriate audit procedures and sources of audit evidence; and
  • Use information received from previous assignments in order to come up and provide valuable advice to the client's management team.
Enlist professional auditing services from RSM

We have great experience in providing auditing solutions for a vast range of companies and an equally comprehensive selection of industries.

RSM BG also offers auditing services of the various information systems employed by the audited entity and the communication arrangements either as part of the wider internal controls assessment or as a standalone service engagement.

Within the comprehensive range of professional auditing solutions and other services clients can make use of, RSM BG provides:

  • Audit of annual financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable standards
  • Audit of consolidation packages, prepared in accordance with the accounting policy of a group
  • Audit of consolidated financial statementsAudit or review of interim financial statements
  • Audit of projects financed by the European Union, World Bank or other international financial institutions or government organizations
  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with special purpose frameworks
  • Audits of Single Financial Statements and Specific Elements, Accounts or Items of a Financial Statement
  • Audit in connection with regulatory requirementsAgreed upon procedures
  • Expert valuations
  • Accreditation, certification or any other type of compliance audits

RSM BG provides multiple services for public institutions such as ministries, agencies, state owned entities and municipalities in the public sector in Bulgaria. The Company is a preferred partner in projects financed by EU, World Bank, European Bank and other international sources of support funding. The portfolio of services offered by RSM BG include:

  • Valuation of the management and control systems and consultations on their adequate planning, design and functioning;
  • Valuation of the internal audit and internal control systems and advice on efficient and effective development of internal audit and internal control functions;
  • Risk assessment and advisory services for effective and efficient risk management;
  • Audit and verification of projects funded by the EU and other international donors;
  • Advisory services on the valuation and development of administrative capacity;
  • Trainings services and related assignments aimed at improving human resources performance and formation of adequate motivation and mind-set.

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