RSM BG’s mission is to deliver a fair and objective auditing service, opinion and financial advice, in order to facilitate correct and adequate understanding of financial information and as a result gain trust from its clients and the general public.

There are three main principles which RSM BG base its work on. These are integrity, objective insight and adequacy. The Company's values are belonging, reliability and respect. The vision of RSM BG is to sustain and constantly strive to improve its already achieved recognition on the Bulgarian market through its strong integrity, reliable performance and adequate approach.

In order to achieve these the Company associates with people who are professional, high-principled but agile and able to adapt to the evolving market climate. In pursuit of its goals, RSM BG ensures that team-members are adequate for their job, knowledgeable and can offer solid expertise. The Company professionals apply their best practice in all areas of performance and always maintain transparency. RSM BG’s objective is to be a firm in which all partners and employees are motivated in their work and proud of their involvement.

The main strengths of RSM BG lie in its long-established team, where efficiency of collaboration has evolved gradually and sustainably. The low staff churn rates enable RSM BG to foster ethics, sense of belonging, commitment. The Company’s competitive edge is based on the well-established reputation of Mrs. Mariana Mihaylova who has been in the consulting business for over a decade. Combining her professional expertise with the financial, marketing, and technical support of her colleagues, the company is positioned to further entrench itself in its market segments.

The Company has the proven capability for forming realistic expectations about abilities to deliver on time and with the required quality. All this enable the company to supply better value for money and exceed expectations by being effective and efficient. RSM BG takes extra caution to maintain these sources of strengths as the organisation grows. The company's sales strategy is based on building long-term customer relationships, which will result in repeated sales. Customer service and 'face time' with clients is aimed to maintain a high level of customer retention.