Jersey begins move to Level 1 of its Safe Exit Framework

The Government of Jersey has today announced that the Island will start moving to Level 1 of its Safe Exit Framework from midnight tonight.

Level 1 is about living safely with the virus, and Ministers have stated their priority is to ensure Islanders and businesses are following public health guidelines while the virus is still spreading around the world.

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf, said: “We are taking small steps into Level 1 as our priority is to ensure that Islanders and businesses protect themselves, and others, by following the public health guidelines that will help to protect us while the virus is still spreading around the world.

“The action we have taken has kept on-Island cases of Coronavirus low, but there is still significant risk from the global spread of the virus. The UK, mainland Spain, and Brittany have all seen an increase in their infection rates, and we have seen lockdowns return to areas of the UK. We must proceed with caution to protect ourselves and reduce the risk to vulnerable Islanders.

“Preparations are under way to manage the vaccination of the Island population as soon as a viable vaccine becomes available. But there is no certainty yet as to when an effective vaccine will be produced, so it is critical that Islanders and businesses continue to comply with all public health guidelines.”

Ministers will be stepping up the enforcement of the public health guidelines and are reminding Islanders of the penalties for failing to comply with them. Anyone required to self-isolate who does not do so without reasonable excuse could be arrested and fined up to £1,000. Anyone who refuses to go to a screening facility when asked, or who fails to provide medical samples or information without reasonable excuse, could be fined up to £10,000.

Under Level 1, working from home is no longer the recommended default option for businesses (with physical distancing having already been reduced to one metre during Level 2).

A full summary of changes and of those activities that are still not permitted is available from the Government of Jersey website.

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