RSM Capto is a member firm of RSM International, which is one of the leading audit, tax and advisory companies in the world and according to IAB research, RSM International is 7th largest network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms in the world. RSM International is also the 5th largest global provider of tax services.

In 2013, RSM Capto was announced as the fastest growing of the network’s members. In 2013 RSM Capto also improves its position in Georgia showing overall 12 % increase in revenue and according to Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors (GFPAA) data, moves from the 9th into 7th position. There is a dramatic increase in IFRS service revenue showing 573 % increase in one year. RSM Capto's revenue received from accounting services also shows increase by 12 % thus the company becomes the 3rd largest provider of accounting services in Georgia. RSM Capto shows 58 % increase in legal service revenue as well. GFPAA published this data based on the revenues of its corporate members as of December 2013.

This step forward is another motivation not to slow down the performance rate of RSM Capto in Georgia and face the new challenges on its way.