RSM Capto’s tax experts successfully passed the alternative audit certification exams

On 7 December 2013, Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia held internal audit certification exam for individual and legal persons involved in internal audit projects. RSM Capto’s staff participated in this certification exam. They successfully passed the alternative audit certification exams, that enables the company to conduct alternative audit for companies.

Over 500 individual and legal persons participated in the certification exam. In compliance with the Decree #304, 16.09.2013 issued by the Minister of Finance of Georgia, legal entities employing at least 2 certified physical persons who successfully passed the certification exam  can be considered authorized auditors and are granted the relevant category. RSM Capto satisfied this criterion successfully.

Certification exam’s aim is to select high qualified personnel, which will be reflected on the work performed more effectively by them and overall quality growth. 


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