At RSM Israel, we strive to establish stable, long-term client relationships, while putting an emphasis on personal approach. For us, each client is unique, regardless of the scope of their activity or turnover. Our work processes are structured and client-tailored, which allows us to give added value besides our main services.

This unique and personal approach makes it possible for us to achieve a higher level of involvement and a deeper understanding of the client’s needs, thus making it easier for both the client and us to overcome professional challenges and successfully navigate the client’s daily business reality.

We conduct our daily activities through permanent, professional and committed contacts (a partner within the firm and a team leader), who enable high availability and make it possible for us to provide our clients with top-quality solutions. The firm’s staff members work in synergy based on an efficient collaboration between multiple professionals that allows reaching the best result.


Contact us by phone +972.3.7919111 or submit your questions, comments, or proposal requests.