Amit Mochtar, CPA
Managing partner


Amit Muchtar, CPA ( Isr), Managing partner at RSM Shiff Hazenfratz & Co.

Mr. Muchtar started his career at RSM Shiff Hazenfratz & Co. as an audit manager and in 2005 was appointed partner in the firm.

He has over 20 years’ experience in public accounting serving clients from middle market companies, public companies, and capital market companies.

Mr. Muchtar holds a B.A in accounting and financing from The College of Management.

  • Has extensive experience as an auditor in the capital market provident funds, education funds and other investment houses.
  • Has extensive experience as a consultant in taxation and accounting.
  • Responsible for audits of private companies, and companies reporting provisions of the Securities, in the industrial, trade and services, including production of consolidated financial statements.
  • Provides business assistance to companies and controlling shareholders from acquisitions, sales and mergers.
  • Operation valuations, due diligence (Due Diligence), and the preparation of a recovery plan to business entities.
  • Specializes in non-profit organizations and representation in front tax authorities.