Our professionals will guide and advise you on how to set up companies abroad, identifying for you the best solutions (including tax solutions) in relation to your country of origin

Italian companies operating in international markets are constantly exposed to "international tax" issues. 
Entering a foreign market is one of the most important decisions an Italian company can make in the course of its existence and requires a careful evaluation of the legal, tax and accounting aspects related to it. The questions to be answered are many, such as:

  • What legal form should be adopted?
  • How will the foreign entity be treated from a tax and corporate point of view and where will it be subject to taxation?
  • How to finance the investment abroad: through equity capital, a loan or a combination of the two?
  • Will the income generated be taxed only in the foreign country or, for the sake of transparency, also in Italy where the parent company is based?
  • Are local/foreign directors necessary and/or recommended?
  • If someone agrees to be appointed as director of the new entity, what legal/tax/asset-related risks would he/she exposes himself/herself to?
  • Will transactions between various companies of the group be subject to transfer pricing regulations? In which countries? And are there any particular compliance requirements?

The professionals of RSM Studio Tributario e Societario are able to provide assistance and advice in relation to every aspect of international taxation, including international reorganisations, cross-border financing, tax planning, transfer pricing, indirect taxes and customs issues, tax risk management.