The RSM Studio Tributario e Societario’s Tax litigation team offers tax consultancy and assistance services in the pre-litigation and litigation phases, as well as representation in all levels of judgment both before the national and EU jurisdictional authorities.

In-depth knowledge of tax laws and legal procedures, gained through solid study and in some cases academic training, allows us to accurately analyze complex situations and find effective solutions in cases of litigation with the tax authorities. 

By carefully examining the details of the individual case and adopting a personalized approach, our experience and expertise allow us to identify the best defense strategies and to provide solid and effective legal advice. 

We are able to represent our clients before the tax authorities and before the Courts of Tax Justice, ensuring that their rights are adequately protected through valid arguments.

Furthermore, thanks to the experience gained in the sector and the deep knowledge of the subject, we can provide preventive advice to avoid future disputes and evaluate strategies aimed at optimizing the tax position of customers, both with reference to natural persons, resident or non-resident, and to companies or public and private bodies.

To maintain or increase an adequate professional standard, we are committed to staying constantly updated on legislative changes and tax regulations. 

We regularly participate in seminars, conferences and workshops to maintain a high level of preparation in the field. 

Among our services we include:

  • assistance during tax audits
  • assistance during the out-of-court phase
  • representation before the Courts of Tax Justice